Sean Clark Using the experience gained working on the web since 1999 building multi-million pound online companies, Sean shares practical tips and insights that you can use to grow your business on the web.

Sean Clark, formerly Head of Web at Adnams plc in Southwold, now advices Startups and Businesses new to the web in how to use Social Media and Search Marketing to grow authority, acquire customers and accelerate their business growth.

Social Media

Behind every successful online venture is a solid marketing plan and Social Media is playing an ever increasing part in this. As a HootSuite Certified Professional social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTubeBlogging, and now Google+, are amongst Sean’s favoured online marketing tools. On his blog, Sean shares insights, gained from use in a commercial environment, using Social Media to accelerate business growth.

Brilliant Online MarketingAs E-commerce is one of Sean’s specialities, along with using analytics and testing methodologies to maximise return on investment, his focus is on real-world business objectives and goals.

Sean is also featured in the book “Brilliant Online Marketing” by Alex Blyth and is a Google Adwords Certified Partner.

To find out more about his professional background connect with Sean on LinkedIn.

Outside of Work

Outside of the office – when not brainstorming new ideas for use online – Sean is likely to be either spending time with his beautiful wife and three daughters, or applying critical thinking skills to a challenging game of chess.

A passion he has held since an early age, and which has led to his adjoining role as a Vice President of the British Federation for Correspondence Chess. If chess is your thing you can challenge Sean to a game, he plays as SeanClark on Chess.com.