Calling all UK Bloggers

UK Bloggers Unite

UK Bloggers Unite

When it comes to most online innovations the US takes the lead, and the UK is sure to follow. Facebook and Twitter, just two examples of “Born in the USA” platforms, now taking a significant hold in the UK.

As happy as we are to socialise on platforms such as these, us “Brits” are a bit more reserved when it comes to voicing our opinion in public.

And after, Chris Garrett ran out on us in 2010 heading for Canada, we were left with no UK bloggers to speak of. Yes, I know Chris was born in Canada, but he was the only example I had!

Where have all the bloggers gone?

There are some great blogs on specific subjects, Mark Dredge’s Beer Blog Pencil & Spoon and Tara Cain Mummy Blogger on Sticky Fingers. But no real thought leaders in the space.

There are some great company blogs, Econsultancy and Fresh Networks, but not Chris Brogan, Darren Rowse or Seth Godin equivalents. Is it because they are saying enough for everyone else, surely not? After all there is always a country specific angle at the very least.

Possibly, it’s just that nobody has actually “made it yet” in the same sense as these Super Bloggers have.

With the Huffington Post arriving in the UK shortly, maybe this will change. The online magazine will require a small army of localised bloggers to keep it’s content fresh and relevant. From these, a British Champion may rise.

I for one hope so, blogging is such a powerful tool for many market sectors. We need thought provoking entrepreneurs to introduce the growing trend to small businesses. To make them aware of the cost effective opportunity that exists to promote themselves.

Blogging is not just for hobbyists or wannabe writers. It has a power and passion that can break through competitors marketing campaigns, get you found in the search engines and hold you up high as an industry expert.

To create this inspiration we need inspiring people

In his book Tribes, Seth Godin states “…everyone has an opportunity to start a movement – to bring together a tribe of like-minded people and do amazing things.”

To this end I have created the UK Bloggers Tribe on Triberr, a community where you can connect with like minded individuals, and help promote each other, expanding your network.

This tribal effect is used by many of the worlds top bloggers to promote each others content on Twitter. As an example the Jaffa Tribe has a reach of nearly 400k. This means every time a member posts an article on their blog it will get tweeted to 400k people. Within this group are some well respected bloggers, such as Mark Schaefer of Businesses Grow.

So if you would like to make a difference to the UK Blogging scene, already blog about Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google or WordPress related subjects, then please request an invite, and join me in the UK Bloggers Tribe.

Do you know of any prominent UK bloggers that want to make a difference?

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  • Interesting post Sean, thank you for the mention – we do aim for high quality posts but it is true that the likes of the super bloggers you mention are way ahead. The Huffington Post’s arrival will definitely be something to watch, as will your UK Triberr – would we be eligible to join that as a company?
    Thanks, Jon @ FreshNetworks

  • @FreshNetworks:disqus Jon please sign up, would be glad to have you on board, this is about raising awareness of the opportunities.

  • Excellent idea from @SeanEClark – think @NewsMary would be a strong contender for this tribe.

  • Aw dang, now I’m wishing I was a Brit…

    Well I fully support your movement in any way I can 🙂

  • God speed, Sean. I think a tribe made up of Brits would be a dangerous gang indeed 🙂

  • @dinodogan:disqus I hope so, would be good to give you a run for your money.

  • @e13196ca286d987b3916d7347b15fd53:disqus much appreciated, just point any stray people you come across online with a British accent my way, thanks!

  • @twitter-118490583:disqus thank you for all your support

  • Well there is life in the UK Blogosphere. I was feeling like an alien in the Blogging World, rarely meeting or even chatting to anyone from this little island that i live on. What am shame that this awesome idea doesn’t call for a UK personal development blogger, there i was thinking maybe at last i’d found a home. Good luck with your venture, its about time UK blogging had a place to stand out for itself.

  • Larry,

    Thank you, I do encourage you, if you can’t find a group, start one of your own. You’ll eventually collide with others on the same track, whether by accident or design.