Guest Blogging Made Easy With Triberr

Triberr the Reach Multiplier

Triberr the Reach Multiplier

Triberr disrupted the market last year when it launched allowing fellow bloggers to share each others posts. It came under fire initially for it’s auto-posting functionality.

Automation in the social media is rarely seen as a good thing.

Despite this 10s of thousands of bloggers continued to use the system and to date Triberr has imported close to one million blog posts, and has handled the sharing of 10 million tweets.

And the “10 million” figure doesn’t even include posts that are shared via other social channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon and Google+.

I will admit I am a fan of the platform, it allows me to magnify the reach of my own blog, in return for helping others grow theirs. Carefully choosing who you work with is key to a happy Triberr clan and I can now leverage a potential audience of over 2 million people.

Triberr is ever evolving and is now solving real issues faced by the blogger community. In it’s latest update there are 5 innovations that will benefit many.

1. Guest Blogging

Bloggers generally fall into two camps, those that require content and those that want to share their content. Whether you want to Guest Blog or are looking for Guest Bloggers trying to find relevant partners to work with can be an ordeal. With this first update Triberr allows these two types of bloggers to easily share their content and receive attribution accordingly.

Guest blogging can be a time consuming task, this new functionality makes the process frictionless.

Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging

2. Global Comments

If your post gets reposted across the web it’s likely to pick up comments along the way. With Triberr’s Global Comment system any comments made on your post anywhere on the web will also appear on all the other blogs that published it. This leads to the ability to build a strong following around your content. Even better is the fact that you can reply to any comments, no matter which blog they appeared on, direct from your Triberr account.

Global Comments

Global Comments

3. Floating Comments

Within Triberr you can now add comments to a post as you read it, at the relevant point in the post, rather than wait until you get to the end. These are appended into the comment system at the bottom of the post.

Floating Comments

Floating Comments

4. Pinterest Pinning

If you have spent anytime in the social space recently it will have been hard not to have noticed the popularity of the new rising star Pinterest. Triberr now includes the option to share posts directly to Pinterest in addition to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon and Google+.

Not familiar with Pinterest and wonder how bloggers can take advantage of this hot property, to drive traffic, engagement, build an audience, and even make some money, then join what is to be the first of Triberr’s webinars for bloggers.

How to Pinterest for bloggers webinar coming on Tuesday, March 20th, at 11:30AM EST.sign up at for details.

5. Triberr Blogger Certification Program

Finally the most audacious of all Triberr’s innovations is their attempt to bring true professionalism to blogging through a Blogger Certification Program. Blogging is underestimated by many as a profession, Triberr are looking at a way that companies can make confident decisions about who to employ to blog for them.

The social space is very young and there are few truly experienced participants. Of those that do exist, many use their own systems derived from years of trial and error to reach the best outcomes. For those looking to get into blogging as a career it’s difficult to determine exactly what truly is best practise without using trial and error themselves.

The Triberr Blogger Certification Program looks to solve these two issues, providing structured courses with appropriate examinations to measure a candidates ability.

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