My Top 10 Blog Posts of 2011

Thank You

Thank You

Well this is it my final post of 2011. Thank you to all those that have visited my web site, given their feedback and shared my content. You made my efforts feel worthwhile.

I have also made many new friends online this year, too many to mention and only a few I have met in person, such is the way of the world nowadays. A special thank you to Dino Dogan of in particular for introducing me to many like minded bloggers whom I now work with on a regular basis.

Having already written about My Books of 2011 and Top Tools & Applications of the year I thought I would finish the year off with my top 10 viewed posts of 2011. Let me know which was your favourite in the comments below.

Happy New Year

1. 12 Ways To Get New Followers On Twitter

Here are 12 ways you can get new followers, there is something for everyone. Some of these tips take more effort than others, but remember, the key is to always add relevance and value for your potential audience.

2. How To Tweet All Day & Still Do Your Job

In this video I show how, in 20-30 minutes a day, you can use Google Reader combined with BufferApp to Tweet all day without it effecting your job.

3. Why I Took Guy Kawasaki Off My VIP Twitter List

When the number of people you follow on Twitter grows to a certain level one of the issues is keeping up with what everyone is saying, especially if some of those you follow are prolific Tweeters. This is where Twitter Lists work well.

4. Why Amazon is Likely to Open a Bricks & Mortar Store

My thoughts on why I think Amazon will eventually open stores on the High Street.

5. 7 Ways to use Twitter Lists

Are you getting enough out of Twitter? If you think you could be doing better Twitter lists could be your answer.

6. 14 of the Best Location Based Marketing Apps for Business

Mobile price comparison, recommendations and offers, all based on location can drive business and encourage customer loyalty. Here are some of the best Apps in this sector.

7. ROI in Social Media: Taking the Numbers Out of the Equation

If you do Social Media you know it’s not the numbers that count and that what you do on a daily basis will take time to come to fruition. So how do we get away from the numbers when the Board want to see growth, the CEO requires an ROI and your boss wants to measure your performance?

8. How to Get More Traffic to Your Blog

We are always fixated with wanting more; more money, more time, more followers and more traffic. In fact, we focus so much on what we want we overlook doing the things that get us there. Why?

9. A 4 Step Beginners Guide to Content Curation

If there is one thing I love more than engaging with people online it’s sharing useful content with them via Social Media. It’s a good job too, as content curation plays a major part in developing social relationships.

10. Best Profile Photos to Increase Followers

Looking at the effects of changing your avatar (profile photo) on social media sites.

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