When You Have Nothing To Say, Say Nothing

iPhone 4s

iPhone 4s - Please Sir, may I have some more?

Was Tim Cook’s finest hour underwhelming?

Now Steve Jobs has stepped down Apple seem to be in a rush to say something. Following announcements from Facebook and Amazon, there was an expectation of a great follow-up from Apple. But it didn’t come.

Is This What Happens When The Vision Is Lost?

I think it’s a bit early to believe Apple have lost their way already. Yet they probably felt under-pressure to release something. They would have seen the raft of anticipation for the iPhone 5 online, it remains a mystery why they have not acknowledged that fact.

The iPhone 4S is a “nice” improvement and probably an encouraging nudge to those still holding onto the iPhone 3, to upgrade now. iOS5 is nothing to be sniffed at, but we already knew about that, and Siri doesn’t really do that much for me, as impressive at it is.

Apple Really Had Nothing To Say

Maybe we have been spoilt of late with the fanfare of the Facebook Timeline, the strategic positioning of the Amazon Fire. But this is all the more reason to ensure to only “ship” when you have something to “ship”.

I have many half finished blog posts and gaps in my blog schedule from days where I really didn’t have an opinion. Those posts remain in draft where the words had run dry because my thoughts were not that compelling.

Had they been published I would of dumped on you a mass of words in no particular order, solving no issue and offering no opinion.

Although “shipping” is very important, and you should “ship” regularly don’t feel you are forced to by some invisible barrier. You have a choice, ship with passion, with feeling, and impact if you can.

Under-delivering is often worse than not delivering at all.

How did you feel about Apple’s announcement?

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  • Have just read the news from NYT that Steve Jobs has died – perhaps his team simply wanted him to see one more release before he went and so rushed the process. Either way, I suspect the fuss over i5 will quickly abate as people focus on analysing the man’s lasting legacy.

  • @HuwSayer:disqus I haven’t stopped thinking about this blog post all morning. In hindsight it is almost obvious that Apple’s presentation on Tuesday was impacted in some way by what was to come. 
    Whether Apple did not want to over shadow Steve’s passing, if they knew it was close; or as you suggest just they wanted Steve to see one more iteration of his ground-breaking phone released to the market.

    In light of this, I obviously meant no disrespect, I am an Apple advocate through and through. There are exceptions to everything…this is one.

    Steve thanks for making my life easier and more interesting, Tim I wish you every success taking Apple forward in the way that Steve would have wanted, but at the same time adding your character along the way. And Huw thanks for prompting me to actually get what I was thinking into type.