Why Are You Not Blogging?

Rosie the BloggerForget the excuses there just aren’t any! As a business owner you need to blog, you need to be displaying to your prospective customer base you know what you are talking about. You need credibility. You need the SEO benefits blogging brings to your web site. You need the customer interaction it facilitates.

Anyway what are you afraid of?

You are passionate about what you do, right? Have no problem selling to a customer one to one? You’re knowledgeable about your product or service? You wrote this years business plan, you were the architect behind your marketing strategy, you were even involved in producing your product descriptions.

Then why is blogging about your business so difficult?

Some of the most successful businesses online and offline have [CEO’s that blog](http://www.accountingdegree.com/blog/2010/25-ceo-blogs-every-biz-student-should-read/), that have an opinion and stand at the prow of their organisation.

Do your business a favour start blogging today!

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