Curate Content Like a Museum to Attract an Audience & Revenue



Millions of people visit the Natural History Museum in London every year.

They queue around the block for hours in busy periods to see the latest exhibition.

To take in the awe inspiring Tyrannosaurus, to experience the sheer size of a Blue Whale; to see parts of our world close up, in a way we couldn’t in the wild.

Yet the museums don’t create this content, the exception being of the life size replicas, largely the exhibits have been collected from around the world over tens of years by specialist in their field.

The Ultimate Curator

The museum is the ultimate curator, but it doesn’t just curate anything, it curates things that would otherwise be hard for us to find. Amazing things, large mammals, rare birds, extinct species, fossils and samples of seeds and plants.

Successful museums worldwide are well known for their curation, command the biggest audiences and are able to draw revenue from ancillary products sold alongside their curated content. They then use that revenue to acquire even more artifacts to “Wow” us with.

A Museum’s Strategy

You can use a museum’s curation strategy to grow your audience and potentially increase revenue too.

Seek out information, video, photos and articles pertinent to your area of expertise, and share them readily. Make it easier for others to find useful content, help them solve problems, presenting solutions and new ideas.

You can do all of this without doing any heavy lifting of content creation yourself, yet take all the credit. Your only concern is to acquire the content in a time efficient and regular manner.

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    Content curation will greatly benefit the “low profile” blogs. It’s a great strategy to get the attention of your target readers.