How To Promote Your New Business Blog

Triberr the Reach Multiplier

Triberr the Reach Multiplier

As a new business startup one of your challenges is building authority in your marketplace.

It can be frustrating to have an excellent product, that solves a real problem and offers great value, with the only issue being that nobody is aware of its existence.

So how do you create awareness as a startup on a low budget?

Content of Course

Writing is a powerful medium and writing about what we do, the solutions we have to offer is a great way to reach the market. In fact, content marketing as it is known, has been around for centuries. Used by cavemen through to the ad men of the fifties, engaging content promotes a way of thinking, an idea, a service or product almost virally. The next issue is to get your content in front of enough people for it to promote your offering effectively.

Triberr, the Reach Multiplier

In it’s standard form Triberr is a service based on reciprocation. You agree to share other peoples content and they share yours.

I have used Triberr since it began last year and my blog has flourished from the community I’ve managed to build. It’s not been without it’s challenges, not all members produce content I am happy to share, and not all share as equally as others. Except for a few issues I can regularly expect my posts to be shared on Twitter, Facebook and other social networks far more readily than they would have otherwise. In fact my current total potential reach on Triberr is over 5 million people!

As a standalone writer or blogger sharing others content is a personal choice, for a business or brand it is not as easy.

Dynamic Tribes

Triberr does offer a solution. As a business you can sign up to Triberr, and rather than join and create tribes of like minded individuals in the normal way you can create Dynamic Tribes. These are one way non-reciprocating groups that will share your content across their networks in return for payment in the form of the Triberr currency of “bones”.

Once you have signed up for Triberr to create your dynamic tribe all you need do is purchase some “bones”.

Triberr Bones

Triberr Bones

With this done you can now create you dynamic tribe. The following video walks you through the process of creating your dynamic tribe.

Great Content

Don’t forget Triberr is not a solution for directly promoting products, but it is a good way to promote awesome content related to your product or service. It’s not only Triberr members that like good content, search engines like it too, and they are increasingly using social signals to rank content in search results. The more your content is shared the higher it is likely to appear in relevant searches.

Combined it won’t be long before you’re seeing a lot more traffic to your website.

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