Infographics, The Latest Craze in Online Marketing [INFOGRAPHIC]

Information Overload

Information Overload

With so much data being thrown at us nowadays it’s hard not to feel like we are in an age of information overload.

For modern marketing, data is vital, it drives decision making and demonstrates Return On Investment (ROI). It moves marketing away from gut feel into a science, and although not all decisions can be made based on data alone, it can help to make better ones.

Combine experience, knowledge and data, and you have a marketing recipe for success.

Data Data Everywhere

Nowhere is data more abundant than online, and reporting this back to stakeholders can be a challenge. A look at Google Analytics for example will have you drowning in percentages, tables and terminology.

Thankfully Google provide some great visualisation tools, allowing you to present reports in a much more digestible format.

Data as a Marketing Tool

Presenting data internally is one issue, presenting data in the market place presents an even greater challenge. Too much information and our potential clients get lost in a sea of figures. Not enough data and it becomes difficult for them to make a decision.

Better still is if the marketing campaign is the data, and for this to happen the information really has to be interesting.

This is where infographics come in to play.

A Brief History of Infographics

According to Wikipedia infographics have been around since 1626, but have only recently gained popularity in use online as a marketing tool.

People are attracted to visual stimuli, and when you combine interesting graphics with data, the information is much more digestible.

You get an even better effect when the graphics are fun and draw comparisons. Then the propensity to share the infographics grows and the magic of viral marketing takes place.

So how to show the impact of infographics? With an infographic of course. Which is exactly what Bit Rebels and NowSourcing have done:

ROI – Return On Infographics

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