So You Want To Get More Traffic To Your Website Do You?

More Traffic

More Traffic

Traffic, traffic, traffic…that’s all you seem to want.

You want more traffic to throw at your website in the hope that enough sticks to buy your product, service or sign up.

So if not more traffic, what is the answer?


Of course, let us optimise your website, get in a link building frenzy and drive more natural visits to your website. Perfectly valid solution, but do you have the stomach for the budget and the patience to see it through?


Okay now this is easy, you just create a few campaigns, and instant traffic is all yours. Want more traffic, increase the budget, simple!

Very quick, relatively easy, but what is your cost per acquisition now?

Will more clicks turn in to more sales?

Email Marketing?

Great idea, still one of the most cost effective channel for driving converting traffic. But wait, you need a list to send your emails to.

How are you going to build that list?

And if you say buy one, you can leave my website right now!

Okay, so if you don’t have time for SEO, the budget for Adwords or the list for Email Marketing what do you want to try next?

Social Media

Yes, you love it, because that’s free and easy.

So you have your social media strategy…sorry, you haven’t got a strategy? Okay so you’ve built a following on Twitter and you have some Likes on Facebook?

You thought we would do that for you?

Well of course we can, what’s your budget and over what time frame do you want us to build a relationship with “your” potential clients for you?

That’s right social media requires a plan, time and resource to implement properly. Is always best managed in-house, and no it’s not like buying a banner ad!

What Then?

So you need to work quickly, and your resource is limited.

Have you looked at your website lately?

No I am not talking about redevelopment, how about doing some Conversion Rate Optimisation?

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Often over looked, but it’s quite simple really:

  1. You take the page that you would like to get people to perform more of a certain action on, like click the “buy” button.

  2. Copy the source code, make (or get your developer to make) a few variations, like colour of the button, placement of the button or change the headline text etc.

  3. Upload the page variations and enter their URLs in Google Analytics Content Experiments tool.

  4. Leave to run for a week or 2 depending on how busy your website is.

  5. Check the results and go with the best performing version.

  6. Rinse and repeat for every page on your website that can impact conversion rates.

Without any increase in traffic you are suddenly getting more sales, enquiries or sign ups.

See this great example of the impact conversion rate optimisation can have on your business, in this case a 14% increase in sign ups!

Better still pick up the phone and let’s talk about how we can implement it for you 01379 330330.

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