Is Facebook About to Change the Face of the Social Web?

Facebook QR Code

Facebook as confusing as a QR Code

According to Mashables’ Benn Parr, Facebooks primary goal does not include increasing revenue!

No, apparently that can wait. For now Facebook are looking to be the Social layer that connects everything on the web. This is a mighty ambitious plan.

Ben continues, “I have seen what Facebook is launching on Thursday, and it’s going to change the world of social media. And while I won’t talk about the mind-boggling things Facebook will be launching, I will say this: The Facebook you know and (don’t) love will be forever transformed.”

For some this may be long overdue. The recent updates and changes on the platform have been many, and frankly confusing. Just like QR-Codes people haven’t seemed to have known exactly how to use them for best effect. Hopefully this announcement will make sense of these changes, as up to now it looks like they have been playing “Catch-Up” with Google.

There is talk of Emotional Connections, Life Enhancing Social Graphs, and deeper insight into friends and family connections. These are strong claims, if Facebook pull it off they will surely stub the toe of Google and it’s Plus platform.

You can watch the announcement live today at 9:30am PST, 12:30pm EST and 5:30pm GMT – in the video player below:

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