The Power of Social Gaming [INFOGRAPHIC]

We all love to play games, whether it’s charades at Christmas or Call of Duty on the Xbox, there’s a gamer in all of us.

Introducing a gaming element into your marketing can add a deeper level with your customers or potential clients. Turning okay products into awesome ones, and even creating that viral effect marketeers so lust after.

Introducing Gamification

This type of marketing is sometimes referred to as Gamification: “The use of game thinking and game mechanics in non-gaming environments”.

Even pure games themselves though can help raise awareness of the Brand they are associated with, and in game sponsorship is a big as sports sponsorship in some circles.

If you can find a natural fit for Gamfication within your product, service or brand, then maybe you can also benefit from our love of games.

The Facebook Effect

No one has made this work to such great effect as Facebook. Not by creating games themselves, but by partnering with those that have and taking a slice of the revenue.

I know we all hate those Candy Crush invites but when you see that it is driving revenues of up to $850,000 a day, it’s not hard to figure out why Facebook embrace gaming so wholeheartedly!

The following inforgraphic highlights some even more amazing facts about our addiction to Facebook & games.

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