How To Create A Google+ Local Page [VIDEO]

pizza delivery norwich Google Search

pizza delivery norwich Google Search

All Google really wants to deliver is the most relevant results, at the right time and place for its end users. The more relevant the results the more likely the Google experience will be enjoyed and the search engine used again. The more it is used the richer its data becomes, and the more relevant its results.

That about sums up how search engines work, good ones at any rate!

Trying to fool a search engine into ranking your page above another companies is never going to last long. If you deserved to be their in the first place it’s highly likely you would be.

This pure way of thinking may not always be true though, that’s because you may not have given Google all the help it needs in recognising you have a relevant offer.

Search engine optimisation for your website is a big subject, but there are some small things you can do especially for local businesses that may give you an advantage. Creating a Google+ Local page is just one of them.

If you’ve done any search that may be location sensitive you will have seen the results flooded with business listings. Even more so when this is done on a mobile device. Search for “Pizza [Town Name]” on your mobile and it will bring back Google+ Local listings almost exclusively.

Whilst location will play a major role in the order of these results, positive reviews and Google+ Local page activity will also play a part.

To ensure you leverage local search to its full potential follow this video to create your own Google+ Local page.

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  • Kate Yare

    I created a Google+ Local Business Page last April because I could not edit my Google Profile to appear the way I wanted it. Now Google has FINALLY updated my profile, and I want to get rid of the Google+ Local Business Page. I deleted the page through my account, but weeks later it still shows in search results and my profile does not. What can I do?

  • If I understand correctly, are you expecting your personal profile to appear in place of your Google+ Local page? If that is correct, then it won’t, they exist as 2 separate entities.

    Your business may still be listed even if you don’t have or manage the Google+ Local page as Google draws its data from multiple sources. So unless you tell them your business has closed down it may be listed anyway. Out of interest if you business is a local business why would you not want the extra coverage a G+ Local page gives you?

    Let me know if I have misunderstood you query.

  • Kate Yare

    Thanks so much for your thoughtful response, Sean. Yes, I want my personal profile to appear in place of my Google+ page, just as it did consistently before I created the Google+ page. For awhile after I created the page, sometimes my profile would appear and sometimes the Google+ page would appear. For the past several months, only the Google+ page appears, so it is not really extra coverage. Now that I have been able to edit my profile, it is more accurate than the Google+ page, and it is not possible to edit the Google+ page to appear as I want it to. (Perhaps more Google delay???) At any rate, the Google+ page is just tacky, and I have experienced a marked drop in response since the Google+ page took over. At a minimum, when the Google+ page appears, it includes advertising for my competitors, whereas the profile does not. Also, it seems users do not bother to click on my website because they believe they are getting enough information from the Google+ page, which of course, they are not. This past year has been a Google nightmare for my business: the whole problem began with incorrect information on my claimed profile, and the inability to get it corrected for months. I am considering deleting completely my presence on Google because it is doing me more harm than good. Apparently, Google is drawing on “other sources” and publishing incorrect information about me and my business. I often find that information about other businesses shown on Google is incorrect as well. Personally, I think Google is just rotting from the inside out.