Google Plus Pages Open for Business

Google Plus for Business

Google Plus for Business

We knew they were coming and Google didn’t keep us waiting long. Google+ Business Pages are here.

So what’s the big deal?

Unlike the enclosed environment of Facebook, Google+ is a lot more open. It’s easier to follow and be followed, Circles are a great way to organise people who you are following. Then there are the potential SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) benefits.

I did notice on setting up a Google+ page that as a business I can only follow people who are following my business. A good way to prevent businesses from just adding everyone to their circles and devaluing the network.

In addition if you add the Official Google+ badge to your business web site, your site becomes eligible for Google Direct Connect. This allows people to add your page to their Circles direct from Google search. Users just type +Your-Business-Name to get taken directly to your Google+ Page.

Hangouts are the big feature that are going to be a bonus to businesses. You can now hangout with customers, discuss products, services, offer demos or even customer support, all for free.

Early days but there is lots of potential, now that Google+ is open for business.

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