How Google Will Affect Your World

Personal Results

Personal Results

Since launching in in early 2011 Google+ is still seen by many as the “Geeks Social Network”. There’s no doubt that the Tech Savvy are in the majority on the platform, but underneath the discussion lies a potential that is just starting to surface.

It almost goes without saying that Google’s search domination was going to give it’s foray into Social Media an unfair advantage over the competition.

In recent months it has been noticeable that more Google search results are being influenced by Social Search, including references to posts on Social Networks, Google+ in particular.

If you use any of the popular Social Networks, your search results on Google are likely to be influenced by your activity on them. If you are a Google+ user that influence is even more noticeable.

Social Search

Social Search

It’s hard to ignore results that have a photo of people you follow next to them.

Now, There Is Search, plus Your World.

Google’s latest release of their search update,  Search, plus Your World now includes many more references and dependencies on who you interact with. The key, that a lot of this interaction data will be drawn from it’s own platform, Google+.

Searching for somewhere to eat, a new suit or even business advice; if you search on Google, the results will be influenced by your network connections, search engine optimisation techniques as we know them, will have little influence.

What Does This Mean For Your Business?

As a business you will need to widen your circle of influence. Search engine optimisation alone is not going to cut it anymore. Whilst Twitter and Facebook have their own ecosystems in which you can operate, you cannot afford to ignore the most powerful search engine on the planet. And if you want to stand a chance in the Google Search of the future you are going to need to be active on Google+.

In addition you will need to create content and invoke conversation that encourages others to share it.

Have you set up a personal or business Google+ profile yet?

Watch the video below to see Search, plus Your World in action.

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  • I hate Google’s inclusion of social search – it messes with the results. When I am searching I want new stuff – stuff I don’t know and can’t find through my usual network. I don’t want to see results shaped by the babble on twitter, facebook, LinkedIn and G+ – that is not helpful – it makes the bubble smaller not bigger.

  • @HuwSayer:disqus tailored search can be frustrating at times and you are never sure by what level your results are being adapted based on behaviour. The Chrome browser does offer an “incognito mode” which does allow non-tainted searching, but this is beyond most users.

    In their way Google are only trying to be helpful;)

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  • Sorry Sean – have only just seen your reply – excellent – thanks for tip on ‘incognito mode’ just need to find out how to use it now.

  • Have just found the incognito function (on the spanner drop down menu) – cheers – H

  • Thanks for this, I can now search for our name and see where we appear incognito.