Local marketing on the World Wide Web, back to basics

Google LocalIt’s very easy to get caught up in the latest Social Media hype and the new applications hitting the news headlines but before you dive head first into Foursquare or Gowalla, have you done the basics?

Googles Local Business Center should be the first stop for any business that has an office, outlet or other physical high street presence. Google gives you the ability to add very detailed information about your business including opening times, payment options, photos and even video. Your business listing can then appear in the search results or even Google Maps if it is deemed relevant.

“But I already have a web site why do I need to have a listing with Google Local”? Performing a search for Solicitor Norwich returns the Google Local results above the natural search listings, some of which don’t have web sites appearing in the top 10 results. Not only that but your result will also appear on Google Maps and not just the web results.

In addition Googles Local Business Center will provide basic statistics on how many people have viewed your listing and what search term was used to find it. You can also add vouchers that visitors can print off and redeem in store.

There is no doubt Social Media and services like Foursquare are on the rise but they are far from mainstream. Google is still the place to be seen when consumers go looking for local products and services.

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