5 Things You Need to Create Something from Nothing

MagicianI’ve worked in the online arena for over 10 years now and when I look back over that time at all the projects I’ve worked on, companies I’ve worked for or with they have all had something in common. The expectation that I can create something from nothing and maybe they are right?

Creating something from nothing in a web sense is a bit like alchemy, where you don’t really start with nothing but that the “something” you do have is not quite tangible or in the right form. So what do you need to perform this conjuring trick?

  1. A Great Idea – Most of the successful projects I have worked on have been driven by a great idea, reducing a cost, solving a problem or making more profit. I just take the idea and mould it into something that works online.
  2. Commitment – And I mean commitment from the stakeholder, I already assume you have commitment or you wouldn’t have the job. So often, great ideas fail due to the failure of the stakeholder to commit to the project either monetarily or with time. They want quick results and don’t want to spend any money to get them.
  3. Belief – You must have belief in what you are doing. If you don’t believe that the pot of gold does exist at the end of the rainbow then don’t start the project. Sometimes that rainbow just keeps shifting, click your heals 3 times whenever you lose some belief.
  4. Vision – This is the most powerful tool in my kit bag. If I can visualise what the end result will look like, feel like, smell like or sound like I can manipulate and mould the Great Idea into a tangible object. If you can see it you can build it.
  5. Attitude – Finally you need attitude. You will be punched, kicked, prodded and pulled by others trying to win the stakeholders heart. You will be tempted from your path like Adam in the Garden of Eden. Find an attitude, stick with that attitude and before you know it your creation will manifest itself.

So, what would you like me to create for you?

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