9 Ways To Get More Done With Less Effort



Finding time for Social Media and fitting it into your already busy day can be a challenge. We all want to do more with our day but time is an immovable object. There are only 24 hours in a day no matter who you are or how much money you have.

Some people seem to be able to magically output an enormous amount of work, how? It’s all about effort.

If you find it easier to write that blog post, grow your followers on Twitter or widen your network on LinkedIn. Then you’ll have more time to study, read or do the other things that matter. Writing is such a big part of Social Media it is important that we make it as effortless as possible.

So rather than worry about the time things take try to make things easier to do:

1. Have a Plan

If you know where you are going then you can do the things that are going to get you there and ignore those things that aren’t. A plan will keep you on track to your end goal, concentrate on the elements of the plan. For example reading a book rather than watching TV!

2. Make a Schedule

A schedule is different to a plan in that the schedule places the elements of a plan in an order throughout your day. If your schedule aligns with your plan you’ll be more productive, there will be less indecision and procrastination.

3. Focus Your Research

To produce content regularly you’ll need time to research, to read, to play, to create. You can only do this effectively by concentrating your research on certain topics or from certain sources. Create a list of blogs, books or other material from which to gather information on a regular basis. Google Reader is a great tool for curating blog posts and articles.

4. Spot Your Weaknesses

We can’t all be good at everything, highlight your weaknesses and work towards strengthening them. For example, being able to type faster will make you more efficient, better grammar will mean less re-writes, speed reading will mean faster research. Make self-improvement part of your schedule.

5. Get Enough Sleep

Sleep can be play a major part in your effectiveness when writing, reading and studying. Although it’s tempting to create more time by foregoing sleep it can be a fools paradise. You will be far more productive if you have had enough sleep, your work will be more accurate and require less re-work.

6. Delegate Where You Can

If you have staff, ensure you delegate where you are able to. If you don’t have staff consider your priorities. Is it more cost effective to pay someone to mow the lawn or wash your car? So you can write a blog post, read or research. I don’t advocate living beyond your means but you must know the value of your time.

7. Make Note Taking A Habit

Taking copious notes keeps your pot full of ideas. You’ll never run out of things to write about, even if you don’t use them directly they may spark inspiration for something else. With all of these ideas you’ll also be more efficient, not wasting time wondering what to write about.

8. Read Widely

Don’t just read about subjects in your area of interest, consider fiction or other market sectors. If you stretch yourself you will find you will become a more proficient writer. You will find writing easier and save time.

9. Fill In The Downtime

We all have parts of our day where we find we are doing quite literally nothing. Sometimes it is good to wind down but this should be part of your schedule. Listening to podcasts when commuting or reading whilst waiting at the dentist can be great ways to make use of this otherwise “dead time”.

Have you got any other tips for getting more done with less effort?

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