Small Business Online Marketing Goes Mobile with Glyder

Glyder App Deal Template

Glyder App Deal Template

As a small business time is money.

And because of this you don’t always have the resources to take advantage of the latest innovations in marketing, especially online.

When you’re busy running the business finding time to get online, design and distribute the latest promotion can be difficult.

Even if you have Twitter and Facebook on your mobile, creating a well constructed marketing message on it isn’t simple.

Marketing Just Went Mobile

OpenTable Co-founder Glenn Allen & Former Zynga Mobile Designer Alan Wells have a solution, with the release of their new mobile marketing application, Glyder, aimed especially at small businesses.

They have made it possible to create and share effective marketing messages via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Email, Text Message, MailChimp and Passbook, all from a free iPhone app.

Glyder is different from other online marketing tools as it is a completely mobile experience.

Glyder App

Glyder App

“For our customers, having Glyder in their pocket means they’re able to be proactive about marketing their business without taking time out of their day to sit behind a computer, away from their customers,” says Alan, a product designer whose experience working on Zynga’s first two mobile games inspired Glyder’s in-app purchase pricing model. “Our goal is to make getting effective content and professional design as easy as buying a virtual item in a game or a book on a Kindle.”

Marketing in Minutes

Having played with the application you can tell that a lot of thought has been put into making the work-flow efficient and the distribution to your chosen channels seamless. It even comes with Passbook integration meaning users can choose to get notified of your offers as they pass your premises.

Businesses simply choose a template, apply a style, add their message or offer and distribute to the list or lists of their choice. An offer can be posted in minutes without visiting the office. Premium templates will be available in future releases via a $99 in-App purchase.

Glyder product overview

Glyder product overview

Not only does Glyder make creating marketing messages simple it also means you can do so spontaneously based on the weather, how busy you are or any other pertinent event. Ideal for trade shows, events, market stalls, pubs, clubs and other situations where trade can vary throughout the day and you are not able to leave the stand, stall or bar.

Download Glyder for free.

Glyder in Action

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