Why Seth Godin Keeps Me Coming Back For More

Seth Godin

Seth Godin

I have been a fan of Seth Godin long-time author, entrepreneur and now publisher, since early 2000 and his first ebook Unleashing the Ideavirus. This was early in my online career and it was the first time I had come across the viral marketing concept. Now with 13 books, ebooks, a blog with over 4000 posts and even an action figure, Seth keeps me coming back for more. The only other author I have followed so heavily is Stephen King, both he and Seth have an almost hypnotic effect. So what is it that makes me come back for more and what can we learn from it?

The First Thing You Notice About Seth

How obvious some of the subject matter is that he writes about. So much so that some have even commented about this fact as a negative. But how often do we overlook the obvious in life until we are reminded of it?

In his book The Linchpin we are reminded again and again how important it is to ensure we add value in our lives and careers. Whether we run our own business or work for others adding value means we are less at risk of going bust or being made unemployed. And in Tribes we are shown the positive effect of encouraging like minded people to work together and cooperate. That we can all be leaders, no permission required.

Both these books point out obvious facts that are highly beneficial to those that act on them.

This Being the Case Why Don’t We?

Which is the subject for his lastest book Poke the Box in which we are encouraged to “Ship”! So often we focus on ideas, keeping busy and finding important things to do. Ultimately this procrastination prevents us from delivering something of value.

Because I have seen this happen to myself and others so often over the years is the reason it resonates with me strongly. How often I have seen ideas I have had turned into profitable businesses or I find myself deep in my email once too often that day.

Whilst I do not read Seth’s blog as readily as I read his books his posts often have a lesson to be learnt. They are usually thought provoking, focussed on a sole issue. They can be as short as a sentence or two, sometimes over 1000 words long but one thing they definitely are, is regular. Seth blogs daily, with each post often being shared by thousands.

Seth’s Latest Venture

The Domino Project is typical of his mindset. A challenge to the modern publishing world that ironically helped make him famous. Following the values he has written about often, he is shipping on the idea of publishing books in an expedited manner, encouraging like minded individuals to join the revolution of change whether as a writer or publisher.

I Have Respect For Seth

He practises what he preaches, he doesn’t give the Nay Sayers the time of day. He doesn’t follow convention, you can’t comment on Seth’s blog – a point many disagree with, yet he makes things work. He ships and he ships often.

We are fond of talking about what we are going to do, delegating to others, throwing away ideas.

The reason I come back for more is the same reason I am writing this post after a very active and tiring weekend. Like Seth Godin and Stephen King both do regularly, I have always wanted to write. Now like these two favourite authors of mine I have committed to shipping.

More and more often.

Please remind me if I don’t!

What will you be shipping today?

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  • I couldn’t agree more – if only for Seth’s unbelievable generosity in giving away ideas more ideas and encouragement in a month than most people are likely to pass on during their entire career.

  • @Darren It is this generosity that is an example to the rest of us of how giving can lead to such big rewards

  • I agree. He seems to do most things right. (Nobody does EVERYTHING right!). On my stumbleupon, his blog is probably the most regular – and welcome – thing that pops up. This wasn’t deliberate either, it’s pretty much how I discovered him and I think it testifies to his popularity, social media savviness and his overall ability to reach large audiences.

    I now regularly go back for more!

  • @0884ee2e835863aeae223e890c13c408:disqus Maybe we are attuned to it due to being avid followers but I would argue many could learn from his observations.