Hashtag Discovery: An Interview With Saul Fleischman of RiteTag [PODCAST]

The Small Business Marketing Report

The Small Business Marketing Report

This is Episode 9 of The Small Business Marketing Report a bi-weekly audio podcast co-hosted by myself, Sean, and Robert Tyson of the Tyson Report. In each episode we look at the challenges facing small business and startups in the world of online marketing and social media.

This episode is a bit different as Robert is on holiday. So this week Sean interviews Saul Fleischman, based in Osaka, Japan, a hands on marketing expert and business developer with over 20 years experience. Sean talks to Saul about his latest venture RiteTag, a web based application that helps you discover the most effective hashtags to use in your social media messaging.

Podcast subscribers can also get free access to the beta version of RiteTag, just listen to the podcast to find out how.

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  • Thanks so much, Sean. This was fun, and sure to be useful for anyone who, as we say, seeks to “reach beyond their followers,” relevantly.

  • This is interesting, I will download the podcast. Thanks for sharing and tweeted 🙂

  • Enjoyed it to thanks for coming on the show and thanks for getting the word out!

  • Glad you enjoyed it.