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  • This is great – I will be sharing! I know a number of small business owners who still think that social media is just for fun and has zero business application. 

  • I love that you say businesses don’t have to rush to join the social media party. I recently had a conversation with a woman who held the opposite opinion. She said the early adopters always win and that if an audience wasn’t talking about the brand or product on the network yet, the adopters should beat them to it. I disagreed with her viewpoint so much that I ended up writing about it.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  • @twitter-177659877:disqus There are many case studies to contradict that line of thought; Hubspot.com has some great examples of successful Social Media use by businesses of all sizes.

  • @ErinFeldman:disqus You’re right to disagree, many consumers are only just discovering Social Media, they hold no allegiance to early adopters or new comers. For them it is about whoever adds value to the product or service on offer, whoever engages with them and helps them get what they want.

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  • The first of what looks like an interesting series of posts on using #SocialMedia for business. Some good practical advice – especially about not rushing and sharing passion.

  • @twitter-118490583:disqus I hope everyone finds it useful, lot’s to come