How Twitter Helps Your SEO [REPORT]

Twitter Addicts are Good for your SEO

Twitter Addicts are Good for your SEO

Last week I uncovered a study that showed links from a Google+ Page have a significant effective on your search rankings.

Well it seems that Google isn’t just taking notice of links on it’s own platform when it comes to Social Media signals.

Links In Tweets Count Too used their award-winning petition website, Twitition, with over 1.4 million Twitter followers, 7.6 million signatures on over 198,000 petitions as a base for their recent study.

Taking a sample size of just over 8,500 petitions they looked at the effect on search rankings when users Tweeted the URL of a specific petition page.

The Key Findings

Average Google search ranking across all page URL’s in the study was 54.17.

Based on the number of Tweets containing the URL they recorded the following results:

  1. Page URLs with 500 or more Tweets, average rank 45.81
  2. Page URLs with 1000 or more Tweets, average rank 40.76
  3. Page URLs with 5000 or more Tweets, average rank 30.51
  4. Page URLs with 7500 or more Tweets, average rank 4.96

Where pages that were shared more than 50 times all saw a ranking benefit, those that were shared more than 7500 times almost always appeared on page one of the search results!

Rankings were checked by using the page titles, removing any special characters and using the first four words of the title as the search phrase in Google. For example, a Twitition with the title ‘We want Justin Bieber in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil!’ became ‘We want Justin Bieber’.

Download the full Tweets v Ranking report here.

Make Your Content More Shareable

Whilst there are many factors at play when it comes to SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), what this and the previous study clearly show is that the more your content is shared the higher it is likely to rank in the search results.

Therefore it is critical that you make your content as interesting as possible to increase the likelihood of it being shared, and that you actively encourage sharing by your audience.

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  • Very interesting post, Sean, with helpful information. Just, a question, do you think multiple twitter senders helps more than few twitter senders, or it doesn’t matter? Thank you!

  • @abelpardo:disqus Having multiple senders would definitely benefit, I think you’ll find Google would give more credit than if just a few people continually retweeted the link.

  • Excellent article…thanks for sharing. We are glad all that time on twitter is not being wasted 🙂 

  • Thank you for your answer, Sean!

  • Great Post!
    It would be interessant to know what the competitiveness of those Keywords was, btw Twitter is great and useful as link building tool 🙂

  • @71403f510cec558772df8a16f6f64712:disqus Yes the competitiveness will play a part, but I think this is a large enough data set to be confident that there is significant impact. 

    If you really want to you can analyse the raw data yourself including the phrases, Branded3 made it all available on Google Docs

  • An important question unanswered by this study is whether the higher ranking was in fact caused by the higher tweet rate. Shareable content tends to be widely shared on multiple platforms, including in social bookmarking platforms and in links from other blogs.

  • And the study does mention there is a correlation, but that it does not necessarily equal causation:

    “Obviously, correlation does not imply causation and we are fully aware
    that sometimes URLs which receive a lot of tweets also gain attention
    from bloggers and other websites, and it might be these links that are
    influencing rankings. It would be impossible to completely isolate these
    factors in the study.”

  • @SeanMcGinnis:disqus Agreed, Twitter will not have been “the cause” but will have played a contributing role. 
    Exactly the point of the last paragraph “…it is critical that you make your content as interesting as possible to increase the likelihood of it being shared.”

  •  Yep, I think so, when someone (who has got +30.000 followes) shares a content on twitter, this ist not a simple twitt, but an incredible link-prospective

  • a very huge and high number of twitter, it tells the brands to spend more time and energy on twitter, definitely 🙂 

  • It’s a great correlation you have made between ranking on the search engines and Twitter.  I am not sure it’s 100% scientific, but I believe you have gotten the point across.  More tweets = more shares = more linking opportunities = better SEO.

    Great job Sean!

  • @twitter-191920757:disqus Thanks, studies like these are in their early stages. As social media analytics becomes more sophisticated I am sure we’ll see more “social proof” research.

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  • I’m sure it was, but who knows.