Is Local the New Niche?

Buy Fresh, Buy Local (lomo)Small businesses are always asking me, “How do I get to number 1 in Google?”, invariably my reply is, “How much are you willing to spend?”, with a wry smile of course. I do have to remind myself that even now in today’s switched on world there are lots of businesses that still don’t understand how search works. And to be fair why should they, it’s not what they specialise in.

One of the ways to ensure favourable positions within Google or any other search engine is to focus on a niche or long tail term. For new business this would make good business sense full stop, not just for search. Get known for doing a core activity well, then you can expand your offering. For existing businesses this opportunity may not be available, but one niche that is available to nearly all small businesses is the local niche.

For example selling antiques is a wide market, selling a specific type of antiques, say art, is slightly more niche. But selling Antiques in Colchester is a good niche that doesn’t narrow your offering. Now I am applying this to antiques but it could just as easily work for a bakers, hairdressers, pub or  restaurant. Yes I also here you shouting, “This is only any good if anybody is searching for the phrase”, of course this groundwork and research has to be done. Expectation of search traffic on these terms should be kept within reason but being so simple to implement local is one niche you should definitely cover.

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