Turning Customer Questions into Video Content for YouTube and SEO

Customer Questions as Content

Customer Questions as Content

Fresh quality content can be a very powerful tool when it comes to online marketing. In terms of search engine optimisation Google loves fresh, unique content. In the world of Social Media new content gives you something to say and helps build you as an authority in your sector.

Whilst easy to understand it’s not always easy to implement. Often your need to produce new content doesn’t always fit in with the inspiration required to create it.

Avidly Answer Questions

One great solution to this is to collect your customers question. You can even go looking for typical questions related to your industry on sites like Blurtit.

We have created an online form using Google Drive so that staff can keep a note of the questions they get asked all in one place. You could just as easily use a physical notebook or other preferred note taking application.

Questions I Got Asked

Questions I Got Asked

Now it is down to you to create your content by supplying the answer to that question. This could be in written form, images, audio or even video.

Video can be a powerful option as you sometimes get a better opportunity to appear higher in the search results due to reduced competition. Here is an an example.

Recently I was looking on Amazon for some hanging files for our filing cabinet, there were two options, A4 or foolscap. Not being an office supplies expert, and wanting to avoid ordering the wrong type I did a simple search on Google for “foolscap or a4” to find out the difference.

Using Video SEO to Jump Over Competitors in Google

Whilst the first 5 results could adequately answer my question the 5th result was a YouTube video from Roger38997, and with size being a visual thing I was attracted to watch it for an explanation. In addition the video was only just over 1 minute long, no longer than it would take me to read any of the other results.

The result was perfect, I had my explanation and knew exactly what to buy.

Unfortunately, for Roger38997 he hadn’t followed through, which is something you should make sure you do.

Brand Your YouTube Channel

Whilst there are several useful videos on his YouTube channel it hasn’t been branded and doesn’t look too professional. If you are going to go to the trouble of producing video ensure that it is branded correctly. It doesn’t take much to upload a logo and simple header image to your YouTube channel and provide a textual description for your company.

Provide Links and Descriptions

In addition there is no easy way to get from his YouTube channel or the individual videos to the OfficeStar Group website or products in question.

In fact the web address given in the video is now incorrect and either needs redirecting to the correct location or the video updating. In addition each video should have a description with a link through to your website or ideally the product page to maximise conversion.

The Power of Video

Video is a powerful tool, and although this example was missing some final execution it does demonstrate how easy it can be to create useful content and beat your competitors in the search results.

What questions are you going to answer for your customers today?

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