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Jelly - the next big thing?

Jelly – the next big thing?

Which social media platform should you be on?

Probably the question I get asked most, whether to be on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or some other social platform of the moment.

Do you know, it doesn’t matter…no really, it doesn’t matter which platform you’re on.

Do you know why?

Think Content Not Platform

Because it is your content that counts not the platform.

The reason big brands jump on the back of new platforms early, Red Bull on Facebook, Cadbury on Google+, H&M on Pintenrest and GE on Vine.

Not because their audience is there, but because they can leverage the PR that comes with being on a platform early and doing something funky on it.

That in itself attracts an audience.

Snapchat, The New Facebook!

Gary Vaynerchuck talks about brands using Snapchat!

Yes, a one to one messaging app favoured by teens migrating from Facebook.

Why? Because it gets him air time.

“Gary you’re crazy, how can brands use Snapchat?”. He hasn’t figured out all the answers yet, or so he tells us, but if he finds a way everyone will be talking about it.

It’s Not Size That Counts!

We always want to maximise our reach by getting in front of the largest audience possible. The route to that audience isn’t always a straight line. Doing something off the wall could bring the audience to you, and it would be a lot easier to do something noticeable on an emrging platform than on an existing one.

Yes you take a risk, but how costly is it?

The worse that can happen is that nobody notices.

A new application just hit the scene this week developed by a co-founder of Twitter, Biz Stone. Here’s your chance, get in early and get noticed!

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