Be Part of the Social Media Revolution

Social Media Revolution

Social Media Revolution

Who would have thought that the Tyrants of yesteryear would be driven out by Likes on Facebook, Followers of Twitter rather than the armed might of democratic nations. Power has become a micro capsule of energy, like a Genie in the lamp.

But now the lamp has been rubbed, many are not quite sure how to handle it. Business is trying to harness the Genie’s power but few manage to grasp the concept of making wishes.


Shouldn’t they be fulfilling wishes instead?

Those that understand this phenomenon are reaping the rewards. Main stream hasn’t caught up to what is obvious to the early adopters. Corporates are trying to tame the growth with social media policies and harness the tornado headed their way.

People Power is back

We are entering the age of Mini-Revolutions. Where power is determined, once again, by the voice and level of conviction of the people, not by the amount of money in the bank. Newspapers are falling by the wayside, unable to grasp the enormity of seeing the off-line publishing world drown in a digital void, much like the music industry did before it. Soon we are likely to see Television go much the same way, as people’s attention span is competed for through a myriad of other distractions. And we will move away from those distractions built by a corporate world, that prevented all but a very few from being creative. Allowing us to build independence and a mind of our own.

The new revolution is here

It is not really a technological one, certainly not an industrial one and I wouldn’t even say it is Digital. It’s an information revolution. As more of the knowledge of the world becomes available to more of us, in more accessible ways. So it helps us to create more of the world how we want it. Those with the power will be those that can wield the information (Bloggers), make it bubble to the top (SEO) and present it to the people (Curators), in a way that delivers it as the “truth”. Even if it is just one possible “truth”.

The people will then grasp at this “truth”, distributing it to others(Twitter & Facebook). Where it expands at great speed on unmovable foundations, until the Revolution of Change has completed full circle once again.

“Every generation needs a new revolution.” – Thomas Jefferson.

What part will you play?

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