Create Your Own Social Portfolio with the Timekiwi Timeline

Timekiwi Timeline

Timekiwi Timeline

It seems there is a new social media platform launching every week. Staying focused becomes more difficult as you want to ensure you don’t miss the next “big thing”.

Even when you do maintain focus you often find you have content spread all over the web on multiple platforms.

Sure you have your blog as the hub of your activity but it doesn’t account for your photos on Instagram, Polls on Facebook, numerous interactions on Twitter and videos on YouTube.

Services like Klout and Peer Index track your activity across the web gauging your influence, but they don’t display your actual activity. Then there are other services like that present a social style calling card, but these just have links to your social profiles.

Your Public Timeline

Timekiwi is a service that pools your online activity to one central location, presenting it in the same manner as Facebook’s Timeline. Though the Timekiwi Timeline is a log of your complete public social activity, rather than just your Facebook activity.

You connect up and authorise your social accounts then Timekiwi pulls in the content presenting in date order fashion.Currently you can connect Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, Flickr, Foursquare and an Overblog feed if you have one. With more services to follow.

You can see my Timekiwi Timeline here.

A Social Portfolio

Whilst influence measurement by a 3rd party site gives some guide, seeing someones activity gives you true insight into who they are and what they do. In this way Timekiwi becomes your Social Portfolio, curating everything you’ve created and shared across the web.

The service was created in 2010 by entrepreneurs based in Palo Alto and recently acquired by leading European blogging platform OverBlog. Timekiwi is evolving and as well as being able to integrate other social platforms, you’ll have the ability to customise your timeline. Allowing you to centralise your social activity into one beautiful timeline.

Create Your Timekiwi Timeline

No need to wait, you can create your Timekiwi Timeline for free now. Just click this link and sign in using your Twitter or Facebook account to create you’re own Social Portfolio.



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  • Thanks for sharing this tool. Never heard of it. I’ll give it a try.

  • Richard Townsend

    If you duplicate your blog posts what does the do from Googles point of view with your original material’s rankings in their search engine. Nor sure if this is good for SEO or bad. Ric

  • Richard Townsend

    Had trouble getting your timeline to load… once it did I understood… still not totally convinced of the value over other sites that you mention.

  • Oh god, it is exactly what I was needing right now ! I’m so glad I stumbled upon your blog today. It’s great !!! 🙂

  • @google-e2d3163237fe8738d0c51b9f581494e4:disqus It won’t create a complete duplicate, just an excerpt. Similar to Digg, Reddit or, there will be no negative SEO effect. The value is going to come from others being able to  gauge your overall social presence and activity.

    It’s definitely early days and there are many improvements and developments to come. There’s nothing to manage once set up, so it’s at least worth securing your username at the very least.


  • @twitter-251613524:disqus Good to here, hope it’s of use. Thanks Sean

  • @oladipojoyce:disqus You’re welcome