Have You Had The Klout Knocked Out Of You?

Klout Graffiti

Klout Graffiti

My first reaction to seeing my Klout score plummet overnight was disbelief. What had I done wrong?

Apparently nothing, Klout scores have been re-calibrated across the board. Like the poor performing Euro the value of a Klout point has been downgraded. But why?

Could it be that median scores were getting too close to 100? There’s no value in a scoring system where you have too many people near the top end!

Calculating Klout

Klout calculates scores based on the following:

  • How many people you influence
  • How much you influence them
  • How influential they are

Their blog post attempts to explain the changes, but other than saying they think they are now more accurate, I cannot extract a definitive explanation, can you?

Interestingly they also state that the majority of users will not be effected or will even see an increased score. Well looking at the reaction online and many of the people I regularly engage with online, all I can see are scores being adjusted downwards.

A majority of users will see their Scores stay the same or go up

A majority of users will see their Scores stay the same or go up

Why Should You Worry?

Really you shouldn’t, but in a world where everyone is trying to apply a measure to what you do, Klout has proved a useful reference. Many have worked hard to increase their Klout scores and there are perks for doing so.

Explaining an overnight score drop, of 16 points in my case, can be tricky if you’ve been using it as a business reporting index. A Board that is still not fully sold on Social Media doesn’t take well to sudden downturns in metrics. Luckily I haven’t relied on Klout metrics, but some have.

It’s the Results That Count

Regardless of scores, charts and comparisons, it’s how you perform that matters. The results you bring in for your clients, your company, yourself or for others, that matter. Not what virtual stick some start-up decides measure you with.

In all I think Chris Brogan brings us back to reality with his Tweet last night:
“Instead of worrying about Klout, why not worry about making an impact? Easier to track, too.”

How’s your Klout, and do you care?

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  • Was the Klout knocked out of me? Definitely. Down 14 points overnight. Does it change anything I do online? Nope. lol

    I’ll just keep being myself, keep sharing, and keep being who I am – because I know the quality hasn’t decreased in any way. The ranking on just one site changed.

    Thanks for the great post!

  • @smartboydesigns:disqus Thanks, looking at this more you can see a lean towards a drop in scores for lot’s of people originally above 60. It really feels like they are making the gap to 100 bigger, which maybe for business reasons rather purely adjusted algorithms.
    In any case I would say that you personally engage & influence without reserve, certainly not worthy of a 14 point drop! 

  • Scot Duke

    Interesting enough, my Klout score went up a few points once I stopped using Twitter and moved over to G+.  This might be telling us something about Twitter.

  • @google-16638fbe1ec5b313c955007a67882b5d:disqus You maybe right. Twitter would be used much more frequently and you would have a larger number of people to be gauged against. If your activity slows down, increases or changes in anyway it’s much more obvious & quicker to see on Twitter than on Google+ for example.

  • Thanks for the update Sean. I admit that getting a Klout score of over 60 tickled my ego. However, I never put much store by it (very aware that there is no way I am in the top 50% of on-line influencers – I don’t even have that much sway in my own home). 

    So this really doesn’t change how I feel about Klout (except perhaps to make me think the new score might be a bit more accurate than the old – so in that sense it is probably good for Klout’s reputation).

    It certainly won’t affect what I do on-line or how I do it – but I guess that’s the beauty of not having to report to anyone.

  • My new score, by the way, is a dismal 48 – sobs 😉 Thanks for the +Ks.

  • Anonymous

    Sean – I gave a quote to someone on the very same thing. If we’re all so close to 100, we probably need to even the baseline. Like you, I went down significantly (12 points). I’m over the initial devastation 😉 but to honest, my biggest concern is that they now classify me as a “Broadcaster.” That is more disconcerting to me than an arbitrary number.

  • Lauri Rottmayer

    I also went down 12 points but I had a great revelation when looking at the guy I call @mrautotweetwhitenoise. He has nearly 100K followers and I have only 4100 but I have a higher klout score, greater true reach, greater network influence and greater amplification probability. He used to have a higher score than me and he wasn’t even present. And that bothered me a bunch. I blogged about my happiness at this turn of events today. For me, the true reach number is the important one and the only one I’m really concerned with. I think the new algorithm is more correct in true “social” influence. 🙂

  • @HuwSayer:disqus you’re welcome, thanks for your thoughts

  • @FadraN:disqus Agreed, a score change I can accept but the classification I just don’t get, it’s not like you’re saying anything different! And whilst Klout may not matter in itself, if others use it to make an assessment of your ability it can obviously have an effect.

  • @google-680d40b2062dbf55e928eb44c068e094:disqus You’re right it’s not all bad news;)

  • Anonymous

    Sean great post! Well what Klout forgot to tell us in their official announcement is not that score might slight drop but that your subscore will drop drastically. Mine went down from 40 – 60 points. So how off Klout Really was with old algorithm?  

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  • Just had a look at my list of friends on Klout – notice that some have gone up in the rankings – (ahead of me) and justifiably. So not all bad at all. Perhaps Klout really are getting better at this.