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Honda Stories

Honda Stories

TV advertising is still alive and kicking!

That said TV requires another dimension to ensure it remains relevant, engages the audience and provides a return on investment.

Social Media can play a major part in bringing, what would normally be classed as ‘Interruption Marketing’, to life. Trying this exact approach Honda are sponsoring the Cutting Edge documentaries on Channel 4 ‘Bums, Boobs and Botox’ this month on UK TV using short film clips supported by a central online hub.

The films are to feature real-life Honda customers using their vehicles in distinct and imaginative ways. Created by Hollie Newton of W+K, they use the power of video to engage the consumer and create an inquisitiveness to find out more. The first of four films features Philippa, an alpaca breeder in Oxfordshire, using her Honda ATV to manage her heard. A quirkiness Gary Vaynerchuck would be proud of.

Behind these short film clips is the dedicated online presence; Honda Stories. It features more in depth information on the individual stories, with photos, articles and an opportunity to share through Twitter, Facebook or email. The more engaged can even submit a Honda Story of their own in written, photographic or video format.

Martin Moll, Head of Marketing at Honda (UK) said, “I am very excited that our continued relationship sponsoring Channel 4 documentaries allows us to focus on our customers, highlighting their warm – sometimes quirky – personal experiences of Honda products either for fun or as a necessary part of their daily livelihood. We hope that this campaign will unveil further examples from our customers, one of which will be nominated to be brought to life on TV for a final set of idents later on in the year”.

Honda have utilised YouTube to distribute the video. An opportunity to drive the campaign and engagement from many angles and not the “silo” approach more commonly seen in the past. They will also be using Twitter and Facebook in a proactive manner to drive traffic.

Although many small businesses may not be able to afford the cost of TV advertising, Hondas’ campaign is an example of a multi-channel approach that can be applied to many promotions. We tend to look at Social Media on it’s own and question it’s ability to deliver ROI. When as part of an overall campaign it can be used to give it magnifying effect.

Above all, engagement with your target market should be your objective.

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  • Jim Joseph

    Thank you for confirming that tv is not dead.  It’s just a matter of how you use it in the marketing mix.  Jim

  • @google-16b7cc0fa2a393820421d2c1cc60d626:disqus A lot of businesses make the mistake of just using a single tool from the toolbox when it comes to marketing. This is why things like TV advertising can get such bad press, it’s not the medium that’s dying just the “old” way of using it.