Individuals Rarely Build Empires

Alexander the Great

Alexander the Great

On their own Individuals may rarely build empires, but they do inspire them to be built.

The rise in popularity of Social Media has encouraged people with similar interests to connect.

Networks such as Facebook and LinkedIn proactively encourage, like minded individuals to come together.

Thought Leaders Required

Whilst there is no denying the power of the network, and in my post yesterday, I advocate the Power of the Tribe, it takes individuals to make a difference. This post, and it’s title are inspired by a comment left in response to it.

I spoke about the lack of Social Media champions in the UK, that their were no visible thought leaders online, demonstrating the influence of Social. It takes these individuals to come forward, to be outspoken, to challenge business, to encourage others, so that the advantages of this medium are obvious to all.

Business has much to gain, and little to lose, from the use of Social Media integrated into their business startegies. The individuals who will make most impact are those that are going to be able relate this online world to the business sector. Groups of people can do this, but it is more likely to be the inspiring writer or orator that will create a movement.

Make a Difference

History is marked with individuals that stood out to make a change; for each of these there are many more that failed to raise their voice. When you do rise above the crowd, you are likely to find others that agree with your point of view. What often starts as an individual thought can grow quickly into a revolution, from which many great empires have been built. The effect being magnified online.

If you voice your opinion online, you will rarely remain an island for long. In fact, it does not matter what you write about, just the act itself will gravitate people to you, such is the power of this medium.

So why not stand by your passion, wear it proudly on your chest, and go build Your Empire?

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  • Sean,

    I came across this post because somebody on twitter shared it. I’ve been raving about the fact that “I’m buidling a media empire” but you put my attention on something that is going to be fundamental. I can’t do it all myself. Fortunately I’m in the process of bringing on some incredible team members to work with me and my business partner Sid Savara has been a true supporter and friend through our journey.

  • @twitter-67692728:disqus I am so happy it hit a chord with you. 
    I must say I am honoured to have you comment on my blog, I listen to BlogCast FM all the time on my commute to work.

    Your interview with Dino introduced me to Triberr; which in turn led to my series of blog posts this week on Tribes & Empires; which ultimately led to your comment!

    So in reality, you wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you!!!! 😉

  • A few days ago I saw on Twitter something like “Individuals don’t build empires, teams do.” 

    Although individuals start movements they can’t last if they don’t having a strong team backing them up. I am basically saying the same that Srinivas said but it is true, we can’t do everything alone. We won’t get anywhere that way.