It’s Good to Talk

It's Good to Talk

It's Good to Talk

We love to talk, it’s part of our nature. But often it’s not talking that’s an issue it’s who we are talking too.

When talking online, Facebook and Twitter, the world is your audience. Anyone can be watching and often many are. What we say is critical to how we are perceived, the moment we drop our guard and act out of character it notices.

This is why it is hard to pretend to be something you are not online, it’s hard to maintain that poise, we will slip from time to time into our true selves.

Be natural, be yourself.

Much of that perception can also come from who we are talking too. If we talk amongst ourselves we run the risk of excluding others. Being seen as elitist or even ignorant. Including others in on our conversations makes us more open and welcoming. Imagine you’re in a shop with your staff, a customer comes in and you continue to talk. You carry on talking, not even acknowledging the customer is there.

In all likelihood the customer will turnaround and walk right out of the door again.

Probably never to return.

Apply this to the conversations you have online, are you talking amongst your friends or are you welcoming everyone in?

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