Sean’s Week On Twitter #14

Sean's Week On Twitter

Sean's Week On Twitter

I witnessed an amazing thing this week; I saw a publishing company less than a year old get a book into 7th place on the Amazon best sellers list in 2 days.

This was no ordinary company though, this was Seth Godin’s Domino Project. A publishing company, in partnership with Amazon, with the aim of speeding up the process of bring books to market. If you follow the Domino Project closely you’ll get to hear about the books as they launch and typically they are free for a day or two in Kindle format.

These books are high quality, thought provoking, from respected experts in their field and they are brought to market as fast as six weeks after completion. As well as the Kindle edition, they are available immediately Worldwide in paperback and bulk packs. It’s an amazing feat that breaks the back of traditional publishing.

The latest book titled End Malaria was not free, instead it was a charity fund raising venture. In one of the best demonstrations of leverage I have seen Seth asked those that had benefited from the Domino Project, and the years of thought leadership that Seth has virtually given away, to pay it back. Many did without question.

$20 from each purchase of End Malaria goes towards Malaria No More, raising money to send mosquito nets to those that most need them. I am not sure how many sales it takes to get into the top ten best sellers list, but it’s a very impressive feat to achieve in 48 hours, with a ton of money raised for charity as well.

All inspired, I have some of my best links of the week for you in this episode of Sean’s Week On Twitter. I hope you find them useful, and feel free to add your own in the comments.

Majority of Britons now use Facebook or Twitter

It’s official we have reached the tipping point. Now more of the adult population are using the two most popular social networks than are not. This should be another sign for those companies in the UK slow to get their Social Media Strategies rolling that they need to seriously consider the Social Channel.

35 Eye-Catching Portfolio Website Designs 

Inspiration comes at us from many sources and on the Internet there can be nothing more inspiring than a web site that looks great! So here are 35 of them to drool over…

New Research Finds the Curation vs Creation Sweet Spot 

Too much self-promotion in Social Media can be a detrimental thing. At the end of the day though you need traffic to your web site, and if you’re a business money in the till. Striking the balance between helping yourself and helping others can be a difficult task, but this research can help you find that balance.

You just shared a link. How long will people pay attention? 

I used to play Half-Life a lot, a fantastic game, a pioneer in it’s genre, but the half-life we are talking about here is in relation to the longevity of links when shared., the link shortening company, have been researching just that, and found on average that a shared links life span is shorter than that of a May Fly.

8 Star Trek Gadgets That Are No Longer Fiction

Just how much does science fiction impact on science fact? Bringing those fantastical gadgets, born in an authors mind, to life. Here are 8 of the best from the most famous of all science fiction TV series Star Trek.

A Google+ Invite for You

An added extra for all those that have got this far. Google+ is growing quickly in popularity and although there is no business application within the network yet, I am sure it won’t be long coming. Now is an ideal time to jump on board and try it out before it becomes mainstream. So for those that haven’t joined already click on the link for a Google+ invite on me.

Have a great weekend.


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