Sean’s Week On Twitter #2

Sean's Week On Twitter


Sean’s Week On Twitter, SWOT #2, featuring the best of the links I’ve shared on Twitter this week:

How to Captivate New Readers in 5 Seconds or Less

A fantastic lesson in writing content that is easy to digest and memorable. The key thing I got from this post was it’s fantastic layout. Not one paragraph is over a sentence long, with clear headings making it easy to scan read.

Case Study: Caterpillar & Blue Collar Social Media Marketing

A great case study of a company you would least expect to have embraced social media. If you have any doubts whether you can use social media within your business you would do well to read this.

How to Build a Free Social Media Monitoring Tool

Monitoring your social activity is a must if your are going to be able to improve and grow. Radian 6 is not something we can all afford to analyse what is going on in our market. This post walks you through practical steps of setting up your own listening station.

Photos Come Alive: Thinglink Tags Music, People & Products in Images

You can tag people in images in Facebook but with this wonderful Plugin, available for WordPress and other popular blogging platforms, brings photo tagging to your web site. You can now tag images not just with text, but you can link to products, people and music too.

How to Quit Your Job, Move to Paradise, and Get Paid to Change the World

An inspirational post by Jon Morrow, Associate Editor on Copyblogger. If you ever doubted you could give up everything and blog for a living then read Jon’s moving story of how he did just that.

What are your favourites this week?

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