Sean’s Week On Twitter #5

Sean's Week On Twitter

Sean's Week On Twitter

It’s been a week of learning, I have read many articles and listened to some great podcasts, as I do every week. This week I just seem to have been flooded with ideas and inspiration.

If you blog and don’t already listen to it, I can highly recommend the BlogcastFM podcast. Updated regularly it has some great interviews with new, upcoming and long-time bloggers from all kinds of niche.

A perfect time filler for any commute.

Talking of commuting, if you’ve ever wondered how I fit all I do into a day, blogging, tweeting, reading, work & familly check out my latest post this week that has an example of my daily social media schedule.

Twitter has been fairly busy this week too and below are 5 of my “Sean’s Week on Twitter” picks for you, SWOT #5, as always please add your own in the comments:

Mind-blowing global internet traffic predictions

A report from Cisco has predicted that Global Internet Traffic is to quadruple by 2015, with usage at around a zettabyte per year. This is likely to a strain on netwroks that are already poorly provisioned in the UK and other parts of the world. Checkout the report for more information and the definition of a zettabyte!

9 Lessons From Successful Brands on Twitter

If you’re finding it hard to engage on Twitter then here are 9 examples of great engagement from leading brands.

17 Tips To Shorten Tweets

Tracy Gold presents some fantastic shortening tips and we are not talking pastery. If 140 characters doesn’t seem enough to get your point across these tips are sure to help you take up the slack.

Social Media rivals email for small business marketing

Social Media is really giving email a run for it’s money. Not only are web based email accounts being accessed a lot less than they were a year ago. Social Media is now one of the most popular marketing tools for small business.

How Twitter + iOS 5 Will Change Mobile Apps

iCloud and iOS5 were announced with much anticipation by Apple this week and one suprise, for many, was the indepth integration of Twitter into the new iOS platform. In a snub to Facebook, Apple have partnered with Twitter to offer a social experience from within the operating system. There is likely to be plenty of opportunity for 3rd party developers to leverage this functionality too.

Please share your top Tweets below…

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