Sean’s Week On Twitter #6

Sean's Week On Twitter

Sean's Week On Twitter

If there was any theme for this week it would be to go with your instincts. A week of meeting new people, on and off-line, along with some others I haven’t seen in a while.

Some of these people have given me inspiration for the future and others validated my existing ideas.

It doesn’t matter what you believe, it’s whether you think it’s right that matters. Your conviction will determine your success, because as there will always be people that disagree with you, there will always be others that don’t.

Therefore it would be remiss of me not to mention Steve who bought me a Full English this week and Rick who paid for the Indian, both entrepreneurial types that deserve the success they are heading towards.

Thanks guys.

So I will leave you this week with 5 of my “Sean’s Week on Twitter” picks for you, SWOT #6, as always please add your own in the comments:

1. Amid Losses, Guardian Announces Digital First Strategy

Are the newspaper tycoons of yesteryear finally getting it? Due to report losses of £30 million, following last years loss of £34 million, surely this will cause concern. The Guardian are looking to Digital to be their saviour, where revenues are expected to top £47 million this year.

2. The new Financial Times iPad & iPhone “Web” App is awesome!

Being the prestigious publication it is the FT seems to have taken the bull by the horns when it comes to Digital. In a move that was surely an attempt to circumvent Apples 30% commission rate (which has now been dropped) for subscription based services on the iOS platform the FT released their “Web App” for iPad & iPhone avoiding the proposed App Store fee. Now it’s hard to get excited unless you understand what is going on here, but suffice to say this is the most gorgeous implementation of web technology I have seen. More importantly they have done something that many others are likely to utilise and that’s made a “Web App” usable offline. I could gone on forever…just go and try it for yourself.

3. Top 10 Best Practices of Social Media Experts on Twitter

Tips are always a popular subject when related to Twitter and these 10 are no different. Keep these in mind if you plan to use Twitter to leverage your brand.

4. YouTube & Twitter erode Facebook’s dominance of social

The print industry may be feeling some pain currently but online brands are not immune. We are all aware of the Myspace demise and although not at that scale the latest figures from Hitwise are a warning to all that the “bigger you are the harder you fall“. YouTube, possibly the sleeping giant of Social Media, along with Twitter are slowly eating away at Facebook’s dominance of the social space.

5. London’s Silicon Roundabout from a New York state of mind

East London, the home to over a 100 Tech Start-ups pales in comparison to the US Silicon Valley. Courtney Boyd Myers gives a States side view of Digital Entrepreneurship in the UK. Of course the British weather gets a mention along with our supposed reservedness, taking some of the blame for the lack of local collaboration.

Anything I overlooked? Please leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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  • Interesting point about twitter and Youtube eating into Facebook’s share of social – definitely use twitter more than FB now (even though I signed up to FB first).

    Followed link #3 to Top 10 SM tips. Disagree strongly with the second tip about re-tweeting every mention – think I would find that irritating (certainly don’t RT every mention I get – if followers are interested in my reply they will look at the timeline for the full story – as for #ff, think it is far better to say thank you than to RT them).

    Disagree with 4 – sounds a little desperate and bit like stalking.

    Disagree with 6 – particularly the 4 square bit – find that really irritating – honestly don’t care whether someone has just checked in our out of rehab or Asda. 

    Not sure whether I agree with 9 – on re-tweets- because I don’t know what ‘native’ and ‘old style’ mean. That said, I like the auto-RT function on twitter because a) when someone else uses it you see the originators avatar first (I see RT as a way of promoting someone else not myself), b) when you look in the RT by others column on Twitter you see how many times the original has been RT’d and the avatars of the last 15 or so who did it (so you get a feel for the shared sense of value), c) if someone auto-RTs you it amplifies your tweet.
    Simply adding RT in front of a tweet feels to me a bit like hijacking the original – it also seems rude, as if saying the original was interesting but my comment is better.  If I want to comment I always auto-RT first to put the manual RT in context – also feel free to MT then to make space or include other @names. Am sure some expert will tell me I’m wrong but  

    The problem with Seesmic (which I sometimes use) is that the you can see when someone has auto-RT’d you but not who – you have to look at Old Twitter (I’m not sure New Twitter offers this either – which is why I am sticking with Old until they take it away).

    Thank you


  • @twitter-118490583:disqus Agreed, #2 is a little weird.

    4 I have used to good effect, the trick is to ensure you are trying to converse about something topical; Not just saying “hello”.

    6 I disconnected 4sq from my feed this weekend as someone said they didn’t find it helpful and I didn’t want to lose them. I think the others can be valid, it’s about moderation and can set the tone for who you are.

    9 Old style RT’s are where you can’t see who has re-tweeted only the original with the two arrows showing it was an RT. 

    Most long time users, including myself, prefer the old style RT’s; you keep the originators name & you can include a comment or make small adjustments/additions if necessary.

    Thank you for taking the time to comment as always.