Share This Buttons: Love, Likes, Kittens & Beer

Show Your Love with a Kitten

Show Your Love with a Kitten

Wikipedia is the latest web property to introduce a button, this time, it’s a “WikiLove button”.

If you love the author of the content enough you can send him, or her, a kitten or beer, via a heart shaped button. If your into neither Kittens nor Beer you can create your own.

As a fan of Wikipedia, any reward for their contributors is welcome, but another button?

The Social Web

Sharing content is part of the modern day social web, but it seems we are flooded with Likes, Retweets, +1s, Diggs and Stumbles. Whilst sharing is a worthwhile activity; the growth in these buttons is starting to overtake the content itself. Mashable, as an example, is like an advert for every social platform on the web. Their pages are crowded with buttons encouraging you to not only promote the content but Like or Follow the site itself.

Buttons Everywhere

Buttons Everywhere

Whilst Re-tweets and Facebook Likes seem to dominate, there are instances when sharing on other platforms, or by other methods are just as valid. Therefore I propose “one button to rule them all”.

The “One Button”

This button would replace the myriad of offerings already out there. It would also negate the requirement for the rollover pop-ups that services like Addthis provide to give access to the additional sharing platforms, over 350, that already exist.

The idea would be that you would click the “One Button”, and it would spread referred content to all of the platforms for which you have an account. At the same time you would follow the author on Facebook, Twitter and Google as well as the publishing website itself. No need to make a choice or a decision; register once, connect all of your logins, and your reactions permeate across the web.

Know of a service like this, alternate solutions?

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  • That’s a great time-saving suggestion, I like it. Mind you, I think you’d need something with the flexibility to set up different profile-based combinations of social channels. That way, if someone wanted to share a LOLCat or the latest Star Wars fan-movie (or whatever) with their Facebook friends whilst posting it to StumbleUpon and their Posterous blog (or a.n. other channel or channels) they could do it without posting it to their LinkedIn profile as well (preserving a little of their “I’m a professional, me” persona in the process).

  • @f56595bd145363ce4074f0b6c8cbe66e:disqus I agree, you wouldn’t want to send every message to every network, but that is a bit like the groups you can make in Facebook or lists in Twitter (sort of).

    So maybe one profile with a family, friends and work etc., share facility?

  • Swalling


    This isn’t equivalent to a Like or +1 button. It only appears on the personal discussion pages of Wikipedia editors when you are logged in to your own Wikipedia account, not on articles. 

  • Good point, but no getting away from the fact we are plagued with an ever increasing number of ways to show appreciation for good content. This in turn may lead to the dilution of that appreciation?

  • Yeah, that’s the idea. Come to think of it, is that what offers? (I’ve not looked into it yet, so I’m not entirely sure…)

  • @f56595bd145363ce4074f0b6c8cbe66e:disqus I did notice they are still promoting MySpace, obviously some mileage in the old girl still!