Social Media, Waste of Time or Valuable Asset

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Fools Gold

To be effective in Social Media, at first you need to have a presence. But presence alone is not enough, you then have to take part.

Taking part is the bit where the effort comes in. It’s where many start out with the best intentions, then fall by the wayside.

Taking part in Social Media costs time

To ensure you get value from that time, requires focus. It’s very easy to dip in and out of your chosen social platforms in the pretence you are monitoring activity. When in reality it’s just replacing the old habit of checking the Inbox.

Like email, Social Media applications are best turned off when they are not the focus of your work. They can be an eternal distraction and this is where many employers can be excused from thinking that allowing access to Social platforms can effect productivity.

Checking up on your mates

An employee that checks in on Facebook or Twitter regularly to monitor for mentions of the company, positive or negative, has a very different impact on the business compared to the employee that is chatting with their mates on Facebook. This does come down to company culture though.

Companies with the right attitude

If your company has an open attitude, they are probably suited to Social Media. The culture will be of “doing the right thing”, whether that be for the employees or customers. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take part in Social Media, just that you are likely to need a culture change to avoid a backlash from the open forum that Social Media allows.

Social Media is a valuable asset

When used in the right way by companies that have honourable intentions i.e. To serve both customers and employees well. Social Media is a fantastic tool, hugely economical, allowing customers direct access to the heart of the company. Whilst allowing those at the heart of the company to engage with customers.

How valuable is Social Media to you?

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