SWOT #17: Online Super-Powers and Preparing for Zombies

Sean's Week On Twitter

Sean's Week On Twitter

Facebook own Social Media, Amazon own E-commerce, Apple own the Tablet market, Google own Search; well we’re pretty much done everyone else may as well go home.

That’s probably how it felt to many of the competitors to these online Super-Powers; but wait it a minute they all compete with one another.

They all also pretty much rely on one another.

We spend a lot of time discussing whether Google+ is the next Facebook Killer; whether Amazon’s tablet was going to give the iPad a run for it’s money, but maybe these companies are not trying to achieve this at all?

The clearest view of this was from the Amazon tablet release. Whilst many expected something to rival the iPad, Amazon cleverly ignored it’s competitor and focused on it’s strength; the supply of consumable content. Adapting what we are already go at and aligning it with future change is such a solid business strategy.

Many businesses miss the subtleties, trying to squeeze what they do into the new technology, rather than adapting it, the Press for example. Worst still, some try changing their business model altogether, losing focus on what they are good at.

These four businesses aren’t just good at what they do they are also good at evolving in a rapidly change environment. How do you cope with change?

Whilst you ponder that question I have trawled the Tweets of the past week to bring you another of Sean’s Week On Twitter posts. SWOT #17 contains some of the best links I shared this week online, enjoy, and I would be glad of your feedback.

Students trust YouTube more than they trust the Government

What do you do when your girlfriend tells you she doesn’t love you anymore? That queasy feeling remains, whilst you believe the world will implode; that is until you meet the next blue eyed wonder in your life. But that feeling is pretty much what the Government must have right now. A recent student survey shows that YouTube is a much more trusted source of information than the Government. The implications? The future of politics is at stake, unless any of the current party leaders are will to tackle this issue head-on.

How Facebook Timeline Might Radically Change the Look of Brand Pages

Have you got your Timeline profile yet? Well, it’s not available to businesses just yet but some people with as much time on their hands as they have design skill have come up with some concept designs for businesses when Timelines do become available to them. Yes you know it will happen.

Aston Martin fends off Apple to be named coolest brand of 2011

There is only one thing I like better than my iPad and that’s…yes, of course my Aston Martin. I spend hours driving around in my V12 Vantage; sorry what was that? Oh, breakfasts ready! Excuse me, time to get up…

Ten films from ten filmmakers under twenty-one

Gone are the days of using Video Cassette recorders hooked together to edit movies like Robert Rodriguez, Rebel without a Crew. Technology has enabled the talent of so many to shine through, regardless of equipment you still need a good story line to make it. There’s a lot more competition too.

Ponderings: Sleep and Social Media

Do you get enough? Maybe you get too much? With our lives filled with so much attention grabbing technology it’s no wonder sleep can become a forgotten past-time. When I do make it to bed, it certainly isn’t with my phone under my pillow, like some…

Social Media ‘To Die For’: Preparing for a zombie apocalypse

When your job is to warn of impending disaster it can get you down a bit. You’re often seen as a pessimist and if you don’t get it right who is going to believe you next time? So it’s great to see the guys at the CDC, specifically the Office of Public Health Preparedness and Response in Atlanta, have a great sense of humour with their Zombie Preparedness advice.

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