The All New, Leveraging Social Media

Appealing to multiple audiences and a delivering a diverse range of content can be a challenge.

When you are a company the size of Orange not only do you need to engage with and provide information for your customers, but you also need to consider shareholders, journalists and investors.

In addition, you have multiple languages to manage too.

So how do you do this?

Orange have provided a great example in their newly released platform. As well as catering for all of the above it includes some innovative social integrations.

By integrating social directly into the framework of the website Orange have made it possible to access information and content the way in which the audience prefers.

Social integration highlights

  • Login with Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn

  • Aggregation of content from across the Orange network available on one platform or through one RSS feed.

  • External content curated via bringing relevant news to the Orange audience, enhancing the experience further.

  • A page providing access to all of Oranges social touch points

From Orange’s perspective this increases the likelihood content is consumed and shared. From the audiences perspective the information is accessible in a format that suits their requirement.

Overall the platform has been well planned and beautifully executed. The diversity of both the audience and the content are well catered for.

Highlighting the importance of content and social media marketing for even the largest corporations. There are many takeaways for businesses of all sizes.

What’s your favourite part on the all new

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