There’s only one true Social Media Guru

Mother Nature the Social Media GuruMother Nature has a great way of keeping us in line. Regardless of what we throw at it, nature will always find away to fight back.

This week we have seen an extreme example of natures control over our modern lives. After being warned for years of our excessive CO2 emissions nature has come up with it’s own answer to suppress us, even if it is temporarily. Whilst flights are banned over a large part of Europe, even taking into account the erupting volcano, we are emitting 206,405 tonnes less CO2 per day!

Now I am not suggesting this is part of some spiritual master plan, but the force of nature has been demonstrated in an extreme fashion. Social Media is driven by much the same forces.

The reason Social Media works so well is that it relies on our natural instinct to network, share and collaborate. The minute you start to act unnaturally your behaviour will become disjointed, your discussions forced and you will find it difficult to connect with others in the network.

As a business, brand or individual, trying to be something you are not in any field is bad practise, in Social Media it can be fatal. Act naturally, take part for the benefit of others and your network will flourish. Remember, Nature is the only true Social Media Guru.

Photo by: / CC BY-SA 2.0
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