What is the Cost of SEO Marketing? [INFOGRAPHIC]

How Much Does SEO Cost?

How Much Does SEO Cost?

Should the question not really be, how much is SEO marketing worth?

Search engine optimisation is undervalued by many businesses as not many understand exactly what is required to get a website to an advantageous position in the search results. They further fail to realise exactly what the return on investment can be when that position in attained.

Time and again websites are developed and redeveloped based on brand and design. It’s then once their website doesn’t perform well in the search results that they start to consider SEO marketing.

If only business of all sizes were to factor search engine optimisation into the design and build stages of their website development more often. Then maybe SEO wouldn’t cost as much!

Research carried out last year by SEOmoz, and turned into the Infographic below, from a cross section of countries, providing useful insight for all into the SEO industry. You can also download the full SEO research results in Excel format.

SEO Research Highlights:

  • The majority of agencies providing SEO services are small with 5 or less employees
  • Nearly half of all agencies exclusively specialise in SEO or Inbound Marketing
  • Fixed pricing and revenue share are the two least popular payment models
  • Hourly rates for most countries range between $75-$150, except India at $30 per hour
  • The size of companies sever are weighted towards the small to medium sized business

The Cost of SEO

seo pricing
Infographic by SEOmoz & AYTM Market Research

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