12 Ways To Get New Followers On Twitter

You're never too old for a good game of follow the leader

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Whether you are a new Twitter user or a seasoned pro-tweeter, we are all looking for ways to attract like minded people to follow us.

Here are 12 ways you can get new followers, there is something for everyone. Some of these tips take more effort than others, but remember, the key is to always add relevance and value for your potential audience.

1. Follow others

Yes, it is as simple as that. The etiquette of Twitter means that when you follow some one they tend to follow you back. This is not always the case, especially with more popular people, but it is the easiest way to get started.

2. Answer questions

Do a search on Twitter for any subject followed by a ? for example: WordPress ? – this will bring back a list of people mentioning WordPress as part of a question. Help them with a decent answer and they are likely to follow you.

3. ReTweet people

Search for mentions of your subject of interest on Twitter and RT any interesting Tweets you find. You may well want to follow the person who sent the Tweet but they are also likely to thank you for the RT by following you. At the very least they may thank you for the ReTweet, exposing you to their followers.

4. Tweet interesting content

When you come across an interesting article on the web, copy the title and link, then post it on Twitter. Include the authors Twitter name if you can, for added recognition.

5. Use hashtags

Hashtags are a way to get your Tweets noticed by those not already following you. Some people will track hashtags as an easy way of seeing all mentions of a particular subject. By using a HashTag in your Tweet, if it’s interesting enough, you’re likely to attract the attention and a follow from those tracking it.

An example might be: The easy way to install #WordPress in under 3 minutes http://ow.ly/4Q7jV

6. Use the Twitter username in your signature

Make sure that your Twitter username is in your email signature, if you converse with people by email you already have their trust. Why not let them know how they can easily follow you on Twitter?

7. Take part in forum discussions

By regularly taking part in forum discussions you can not only raise your own profile, but if you include a link to your Twitter profile you can gain followers too.

8. Comment on blogs

When reading others blog posts take the opportunity to leave a comment if relevant. Many blogs now allow you to sign in using your Twitter account which will allow people to follow you directly.

9. Add yourself to directories

Get your self listed in the many directories for Twitter users, some of the more popular ones are:





10. Write guest posts

Writing for other people’s blogs will not only get you noticed but is likely to encourage people to visit you if you can include a link to your Twitter profile in the credits.

11. Start a podcast

if you really love your subject I bet you love talking about it? If you do a great way to promote your self is with a podcast. There are lots more benefits than gaining followers on Twitter but it will certainly boost the numbers.

12. Add to your business card

We include an email address and phone number on our business cards, hand them out at networking meetings and expect people to contact us. Why not include your Twitter username so people can follow you without commitment and get to know you better first?

Do you have any of your own ways to encourage more Twitter followers?

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