Engaging More On Twitter

It's Good To Share

It's Good To Share

As many of you will know I Tweet a lot, but am I Tweeting too much?

I’m a fan of Content Curation, and actively share on my favoured platform, Twitter. Naturally reading a lot, I am always eager to keep up with the latest trends in my sector.

And there is no faster moving space than online. The by-product of my media consumption is the Tweet.

So Many Ways To Share

I have tried many ways to make sharing easier:

1. Automated RSS Feeds

In the early days using RSS fed automatically into my Twitter stream. Avoid this one, it can produce truly awful results, however careful you are to select the source web sites.

2. Scheduling through Hootsuite

This isn’t so bad, but still a bit manual. HootSuite is a fantastic Twitter application that is simplistic enough for an individual to use for free, but with enough flexibility to support the most complex of Corporate Social Media Management requirements. I currently manage around 20 Social Media accounts through HootSuite, collaborating with around 12 other staff members. Scheduling through HootSuite has proved beneficial from a personal and business perspective, but it still lacks the speed of deployment I was searching for.

3. Triberr Tribes

You either love it or hate it. Triberr allows like minded individuals to join together to Tweet each others on-topic blog posts. There is a quality issue here, and as the tribes I am in have grown I have had to exclude certain members for posting non-related content. Other than this I would gladly share the content that others in my tribes write anyway, so this has proven beneficial. Certainly I have received no negative feedback from followers.

4. Enter the iPad

Probably the thing that has effected much of the way I share content has been the iPad and more specifically the news based applications. Although none of these allow scheduling I can Tweet directly from Reeder, Flipboard and Zite very easily. They offer a great way to access a massive volume of content and re-share it.

5. Put it in the Buffer

My latest favourite is the BufferApp. This fantastic web application allows me to email the title and link directly from my iPad Apps, buffer a Tweet directly from my browsers, and even add to BufferApp from the Twitter web site itself. These will then get sent throughout the day according to my predetermined schedule. Easy for me, and saving those following me from being bombarded by the output from my speed reading stints through the day.

Back To My Question, Is It Too Much?

I find myself eagerly trying to fill the BufferApp, like some game of “keep the kettle boiling”. I don’t feel the engagement either on Twitter or on my blog as much as I used to. This could just be a shift in the market or my followers. With Facebook improvements and the migration of many to Google+ it may just be that many have moved on and I need to build new relationships. Those that followed me to learn the latest stuff may have had their fill.

Certainly my RT stats and click through data show that much of what I post is of interest, in that case it may just be perception.

Whatever the cause, my gut is telling me I need to engage more, and that is what I plan to do.

So let’s start right here; please don’t pass on through, take the opportunity to say at least “hello” in the comments below. Leave a link to your web site if you like, or pass comment on this post.

If you’re feeling really adventurous ask me a question, you never know where it may take you…

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  • Hey Sean, some great resources there thanks. Personally I think the content/links you put out are great although I do feel that engagement is missing in the more mundane areas. Obviously as we used to say in the old days “Twitter is not Chat” but it does add the nice fluffy human aspect to the identity.

    I also feel I am not getting any of your hobbies or likes (apart from running) I would like to see you speak about your professional and personal experiences of beer as you are in the industry. Of course this may be omitted on purpose.Also, because I know you schedule tweets, I sometimes do not reply as I know you are probably not around to respond/engage back with me. I think twitter is becoming a real instant medium and usually If I haven’t had a response to my tweet within half an hour it generally isn’t going to happen.Reading your blog as it comes to me in my email inbox however, is very useful.Cheers!Rich@richardmackney:twitter http://richard.mackney.com 

  • The best response I get on Twitter is through personal engagement.  I enter conversations, start my own.  Once I develop a relationship with people they are more likely to click on my links.  I’m a blogger, so for me, it’s all about the community…

  • @richardmackney:disqus What can I say thank you for the honest and comprehensive reply.
    I definitely need to make more effort to engage during the day and not use my scheduled stuff as a crutch. I do stay away from beer mostly as I don’t want to be seen as a promotion engine for our product, but you’re right I could add more personal experiences about beer to the mix.

    As for my hobbies, you really want to here about my latest chess game or my thoughts on the recent Bilbao Chess Masters Final;)?

  • @SingularInsanity:disqus You’re absolutely right, I have concentrated too heavily on curation and whilst people find that of value I need to get some balance. As you say “it’s all about the community”

  • Terri Powers

    Hello Sean 🙂  I subscribe to more than I can read and have not found the time to cultivate new tools yet.  I currently dont know how all this social will fit into my life?  I feel by exploring the how it is done, that when I need to know how I will.

  • Hi @220302b913d3801eba3dc73b6d221e7c:disqus You’re quite right, having the knowledge will come in handy when needed. Time is one of the biggest battles with Social and the reason many companies still fail to integrate it into their business strategies. Thank you for taking the time to comment.

  • Ed

    Just wanted to say how much I enjoy reading your posts, keep it up.

    Always of interest.

  • @2c7df4f075546a7ec56b18aaf8caa8a9:disqus Thank you very much.