How To Find People To Follow On Twitter

Chris Brogan

Chris Brogan

Finding the right people to follow on Twitter is a bit like creating your own club.

You want to make sure you choose the right people to become members. Then you need to start engaging with them so they feel welcome and help your club grow.

Once you’ve built up trust and relationships with them they’re more likely to accept you and extend your reach by sharing your content and introducing you to others.

Finding The Right People

Using Twitter Search can be a bit hit and miss when to comes to finding choosing the right people to follow. Although the advanced search allows you to search using many filters keyword, hashtag, location and even sentiment, the information in the returned results is relatively thin. You’ll get to see their bio, profile image and if you click on their name the number of followers and a handful of Tweets.

That’s why the service from Twtrland is bit more useful.

How It Works

You perform a search from the home page on the subject of your choice, say Fashion.

You can then filter the results by:

  • Typecast: Celebrities, Power Users, Casual, Novice
  • Location
  • Gender
  • Estimated Age

The results can then be sorted by Relevance, Number of Followers or ReTweets per 100 Tweets.

Fashion Search Results

Fashion Search Results

Once you have your list of potential users you can view in depth information about each one.

When you search for a user on Twtrland it basically takes all of the information about a user from their Twitter profile. Then it combines it with data from their stream and follower activity and followers profiles to create one single profile dashboard with lots of useful information right at hand.

As well as displaying the standard bio, profile image and follower information it also provides the following allowing you to gauge a clearer picture of their activity on Twitter:

  • Tweets per day – Average rate of tweets per day since joining twitter.
  • RT100 – Average number of retweets the user gets for every 100 tweets.
  • Replies100 – Average number of replies the user gets for every 100 tweets.
  • Followers Distribution – Based on a sample from the user’s followers.
  • Close Friends – Top 5 users that share the most 2 way replies with the user.
  • Top Followers – highest ranked followers, based on a 5k sample.
  • Content Breakdown
  • Famous words: all-time\recent most retweeted tweets.
  • Plain Tweets: just text.
  • Pictures: Instagram, Twitpic, Lockerz, Flickr and yfrog.
  • Replies: Users that this user replies to
  • Links: web-links.
  • Songs: blip, soundhound, tinysong.
  • Checkins: Foursquare.
  • Retweets: by the user.
  • Mentions: to other users.
Fashion Twitterer

Fashion Twitterer

You Take It From Here

Combined this information gives you a much more accurate picture of the persons activity and likely influence. Whether you’re looking of top sources of industry information, trying to find key influencers in your market or just interesting people to connect with Twtrland makes it easier.

Now you can select who you think are the right people to join your club. Engage them in relevant conversation. Share their Tweets or create remarkable content that will be of interest to them. And if treated with respect they should reciprocate.

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  • Thanks for sharing, Sean. I’d never heard of this service and am always looking for better ways to find new interesting people on Twitter!

  • I absolutely loved reading this post @SeanClark. Thanks so much for the information! I am only just developing my #socialmedia presence so finding this tool will help me enormously! You’ve saved me so much time! I’m just finishing a #blog about how social media is helping me. I’ve mentioned this platform and given you a #shoutout of course!

  • Thanks @twitter-422209711:disqus much appreciated.

  • @jmozen:disqus you’re more than welcome

  • Great info and thanks for laying out a step by step method that should work of all of us.

    For the key to success on Twitter is getting the “right” followers not in just getting a large following.

    There is a big difference in the two as while a large following looks good if it’s made up of the wrong people you’ll accomplish little.

    But get the “right” group of people following you and the results can be amazing. It all comes down to finding and getting people that are truly interested in what you offer in the way of services, information, and knowledge.

    Using your “drill down” search methods should help us find those followers who are going to be more than just a number on a page but truly motivated engaged followers. It’s that engagement with your followers that results in success or failure on Twitter. Have it and everything goes well don’t and you’ll find that success escapes you no matter what you do.

  • @kstaxman:disqus You’re correct it is about the the right people. Too much focus on the numbers instead of quality by many companies. Hopefully this helps.


  • Thanks again for your help, Sean…it’s much appreciated!

    Over the last few years, Twitter has led me to some of the very best friends I have today : )

    The community is packed with capable caring people who are getting things done. If you take the time to build relationships, it will change your life.

    Cheers to our Twitter community, Sean!

  • Hi Sean, I’ve been on Twitter for almost 4 years and this morning after reading your article here was the first time I had an “aha” moment! I’ve been looking at Twitter the complete wrong way. Thanks so much for this helpful article, I’m on Twtrland right now and it’s brilliant – so easy to use!

  • Melanie,

    You’re welcome, glad you found it useful.