Twitter Adds Scheduling & 2 Other Features Prior To Their IPO

You will be well aware by now that Twitter will shortly float on the stock market. As part of its campaign to maximise share prices it will need to demonstrate that it offers a valuable services to users. Now, no one feature alone is going to offer that compelling view, but incremental value add ons could do just that.

The first feature to appear recently that may deliver ad revenue but also help end users is the new account MagicRecs. The idea behind MagicRecs is that by just following this account it will notify you of other accounts you may be interested in following based on who your followers follow.

An example from a New York Times’s Bits Blog explains how it works:

“For example, Magic Recs recently sent a message alerting me that several of my friends on Twitter were now following Cabinet, the White House’s Twitter account for its Office of Cabinet Affairs. A few days before that, it let me know that a handful of people had followed Upworthy Spoiler, a parody account of the news aggregation Web site, Upworthy.” – Read in full: Twitter’s Magic Recs Experiment Personalises What You Follow.

Following users queries around who they should follow on Twitter the next issue that they seem to want to address is highlighting their expertise at Breaking News

To do this another account has been created called EventParrot a Twitter service aimed at delivering personalised breaking news to your direct message stream. Where before direct messages on Twitter were the home for spam auto follow messages they are now filled with the latest news and useful “who to follow” recommendations!

This news curation is an idea dear to my heart and one I recommend business emulate in their own industries. In fact I am so convinced of its value I am developing my own tool called Kurasie, helping businesses implement content curation. So it is great to see that Twitter have identified the power of this methodology.

Event Parrot

Paul Stamatiou, Growth Designer at Twitter confirms they are trialling this service:

And finally, just announced is Scheduled Tweets!

Yes that’s right Twitter have finally seen the value in being able to schedule your updates. At the present time it is for advertisers only, but not limited to their ads.

For those of you familiar with scheduling you will know how much more time efficient it can make social media management. I have written about how to use social media scheduling on many occasions, and how it helps to ensure you Tweet at the most effective to to reach your audience.

Tools such as Hootsuite and BufferApp have scheduling builtin and even Facebook allows you to schedule updates natively, so it is good to see Twitter joining the dots.

Twitter’s blog provides full details on how scheduling works.

So definitely looks like Twitter are trying to maximise the value of the platform and ensure that potential shareholders can see its potential.

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