Sean’s Week On Twitter #1

Sean's Week On Twitter

Sean's Week On Twitter

This is the first SWOT post, Sean’s Week On Twitter. What will become a series of weekly posts highlighting some of my favourite articles that I have shared on Twitter during the week and why.





Do your Marketing and/or Social Media efforts actually move people?

Great article by Mitch Joel of Six Pixels of Separation about how marketing should be about art and the act of “moving” people in an emotional sense. I loved this article as it resonates very much with my belief that doing the right thing, helping others and making a difference lead to success and sales. Focussing on the experience rather than selling the product or service. It’s a long term startegy rather than a short term sales tactic, which is why many companies either don’t get it or are afraid to try.

Will Twitter’s New Spam Policy Kill #FollowFriday?

Twitter released a spam policy quietly in April. The aim of the policy was to prevent multi-mention Tweets that provide no value. The knock on affect? The #FollowFriday tweets, may get caught in the filters. This then leads to an interesting view from @KatherineMeyer on the use of #FollowFriday Tweets. In fact I ended up agreeing and this week my #FF followed the suggested format.
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21 Ways to Create Compelling Content When You Don’t Have a Clue

Never be short of an idea for a blog post with these great tips from a guest post on Copyblogger by @DannyIvy. I am a big Copyblogger fan and there are some real gems to be found on the site. Well worth subscribing to their newsletter or RSS feed.

5 Ways to Use Twitter to Connect With Local Customers

Charlene Kingston lists some great ideas on how local business can leverage Twitter to grow their business and engage with customers. Hyper Local marketing is a hot topic, Where the Internet was once seen as a way for small businesses to trade worldwide. Many businesses are now discovering the power the Internet, specifically Social Media, holds for marketing at a very local level.

Navigating News Online: Where People Go, How They Get There & What Lures Them Away

This is a comprehensive report from PEJ, The Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism, web site. The article covers, in detail, the effect of Social Media on news web sites and the paths people take to get to these sources. Any blogger interested in Journalism and its relationship with the web will find a host of possible subjects for blog topics and wealth of quality research and opinion.

What are your favourite Tweets from this week? Please share them in the comments below.

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    Your comment on Copyblogger caught my click. I HAD to comment on how witty this title and feature is on your site. I admire it but it did give me a chuckle.

    I’ll be checking out your content now 🙂


  • Thanks so much for including my recent Social Media Examiner article in your post. I’m glad you found it useful, and grateful that you shared it with your audience. You’ve created a great resource here for people learning about Twitter. Best of luck!

  • You’re welcome, thanks for a great article.

  • @4749581a28c4ee35b33fab40bc0262d1:disqus Glad you like it and pleased to have you on board.