Twitter for Business Free Guide

Twitter for Business

Confused by Twitter?

Twitter is one of the the best platforms to get to grips with social media. Twitter for business offers many advantages over other social media platforms due to it’s open nature.

Where on Facebook or LinkedIn you need permission to connect with someone to follow what they are saying, using Twitter for business you have no such restrictions. You are free to monitor conversations competitors are having with customers or industry leaders talking about industry innovations.

Whilst it may not have the user numbers of Facebook, Twitter still has more than 10 million users in the UK and over 500 million worldwide.

Reaching your Audience

For business, Twitter has a good representation of the people you are likely to want to reach. A large majority of Twitter users will be early adopters, open to new ideas and often key influencers you could potentially connect with. Leveraging this fact in the right way can help magnify your reach on Twitter and beyond.

Why Twitter Users Follow Brands

Why Twitter Users Follow Brands

First of all though you need to know how to use Twitter for your business. Twitter have recently released a useful guide for those that have yet to discover the delights of Twitter or are new to using it.

Download your Twitter for Business Guide

The 27 page guide covers insight into Twitter users and want they want hear. The anatomy of a Tweet and the setting up of your profile. Tips on how to engage your audience, finding your voice and working Twitter into your busy business day.

Finally there are some ideas on growing a relevant follower base, and how to measure the effects of your Twitter marketing, followed some innovative uses of the Twitter platform.

Download your free copy of the Twitter for Business guide.

If you are ready for something more advanced then try my latest online course, How to Build Authority Online Using Twitter.

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