Twitter Plays Tag And You’re “It”!

I just can’t avoid saying it, Twitter add another Facebook function, photo tagging.

But who can blame them? It something people like to do, it’s just popular functionality. To be fair Facebook didn’t invent photo tagging and other platforms use it to varying degrees. The difference being that Twitter is more of an open network and you can tag anyone.

Admittedly you can mention anyone in a Tweet anyway just by using their username, but photos do open up a world of potential abuse.

Time To Check Your Settings

To circumvent that to a degree in your Twitter Security and Privacy settings you can limit tagging with the following choices:

  • Allow anyone to tag me in photos
  • Only allow people I follow to tag me in photos
  • Do not allow anyone to tag me in photos

Mobile Only

Only available on mobile devices, and rolling out slowly, you’ll be able to tag people in a photo you Tweet.

One advantage is that you can tag up to 10 people, and the tags don’t take up your character count. Anyone tagged will also get a notification, dependant on their settings.

Multiple Photos To A Tweet

There’s more though! Not only can you tag people, but you’ll also be able to upload up to 4 photos.

Ideal for events and other get togethers we are sure to see many business applications of this dual functionality. Especially as both tagged photo Tweets and Multi-photo Tweets will be embedable.

Making it possible to create dynamic blog posts with updates embedded in them.

How will you use Twitter’s new photo tagging? Tweet and let me know…

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