Is Twitter Struggling To Go Mainstream?

Whilst Facebook is almost a part of everyday life for most modern families Twitter has still failed to become as wholly integrated in our lives.

Largely Twitter still remains the preserve of early adopters, business people, politicians and celebrities. Don’t get me wrong, the audience is perfect if you want to make a name for yourself, but it’s not as friendly if you just want to chat to your mates.

Terminology plays its part in this Retweets, Hashtags and DMs just aren’t as easily understood as Like and Share.

This may be the reason Twitter are experimenting with the more common terms. As you can see in this curated list of Tweets by Eli Langer of CNBC, Twitter seems to be trialling the term Share in place of Retweet in limited streams.

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  • Hi Sean, with their new photo tag feature coming it sure looks like they are trying to be more like Facebook. I hope they don’t change too too much!

  • No, no, no, no, no, no, no Twitter. Leave the retweet feature where it belongs. Tweet. Retweet. Repeat. Don’t mess with the pillars of your platform!

  • Yes, I think tagging in an open environment like Twitter may not work that well. Open to abuse!